Desiree’s ride Custom Tubular Bandana

Desiree’s ride Custom Tubular Bandana

We first met Desiree’s ride at the Toronto Motorcycle show held in April 2018. It was easy to see right away how important of a ride this was.

Desiree’s ride supports victims of crime, the ride came about by a tragic incident in May of 2013 where Desiree Gallagher was brutally assaulted and fell seven stories from an apartment building, Desiree survived the fall but suffered suver injuries

She had her bone flap removed to relieve the swelling of her brain. She broke her spine in two areas and required a rod and 14 screws to hold her spine together.  Her her left arm was broken and had to have a rod and 14 screws put in to try to repair the damage.  Her right ankle unfortunately could not be repaired as it was too mangled, She was left blind and in a wheelchair. Her blindness was due to the brain injury. Desiree remained in the hospital for over a year but after being released she went to stay at Participation House in Brantford, her home town where she received 24-hour care as she was more helpless than a newborn baby.

Desiree was a fighter, she fought to recover, she fought to walk again and showed incredible strength throughout her struggle.  Unfortunately, on May 14, 2015, Desiree succumbed from her initial injuries and passed away.

Desiree’s ride holds 4 events throughout the year to help raise funds for victims of crime, we worked with them to help come up with an amazing custom tubular bandana design to help them raise more funds for these victims and to ensure that their riders had a good quality product to help shield their face from the elements. So make sure to attend one of these events and get yourself a Desiree’s Angels Fast Mask and protect others from these types of tragic incidents


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