5 Tips To Prepare Yourself for Riding Season

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It’s not quite riding season yet, and that might have you feeling down. If you’re dealing with the winter blues, you might as well start to dream and think about your first ride of the season. What are you going to do to get ready for your maiden voyage this year? Whether you’re thinking about purchasing custom motorcycle gloves or need to replace a headlight, we have a few ideas to get you started.

1. Pull Out and Inspect Your Gear

Perhaps you keep your riding gear all in one place, or maybe it’s strewn about the house. Either way, gather it all and give it a good inspection. Just a few inspection points are:

Your Helmet – How old is your helmet? Did you know it should be replaced every three to five years? If it went with you through an accident, it should be replaced after the accident. Clean your helmet to give it that nice shine, look it over for cracks or other damage, or if needed, purchase a new helmet.
Your Jacket and Pants – Look your pants and jacket over for rips, tears, holes, worn areas or any form of deterioration. Do the zippers and buttons still hold your clothes on securely? Clean your jacket and pants so you’ll look good on the road when the time comes.
Your Gloves – Be sure your gloves still fit snuggly and that they haven’t thinned. If they’re too worn, you might be looking at the purchase of custom motorcycle gloves.

2. Give Your Motorcycle a Thorough Examination

Whether in your garage or the storage facility, your bike needs a thorough examination. Some things to be sure you check are:

The Tires – How is the tread on your motorcycle tires? Are they worn enough you might need to replace them? Are there any objects stuck in the tread? You should also check the pressure of your tires, reducing or adding air as needed.
The Battery – If you haven’t kept your battery on a charger for winter, you’ll probably have to charge it first of all. If the electrolyte levels require it, add distilled water. Install the battery, making sure you clean any connections that need it.
The Brakes – Check and replace any brake pads that are worn down. Give the brakes a test by pulling the lever and checking the response. You should also check out the brake cables to see if they are still in good condition.

3. Refresh Your Memory

5 Tips To Prepare Yourself for Riding Season

Riding a motorcycle after a long winter is going to feel different than driving your car through the snow. It might be smart to refresh your memory on a few items before you hit the asphalt. Practice push steering, riding slowly and making a sharp right turn after stopping. Remind yourself what all the hand signals mean and practice using them.

4. Be Prepared for a Scary Situation

Although there’s a push for other motorists to notice motorcyclists, many people do not. There are also the risks that come with natural weather conditions and poor road conditions. Prepare yourself for a scary situation. What would you do if you hit a pothole? Do you know how to ride through an area with a lot of loose gravel? What if a big truck cuts you off or a small car gets too close behind you? If you need to, review the rules of the road pertaining to motorcyclists.

5. Get Yourself Psyched

If you feel you’re prepared for your ride in relation to your gear, your bike, your riding skills and your defensive skills, it’s time to get psyched! Think about how great it’s going to feel with the wind on your face again and the world at your fingertips. It’s going to be a good ride, so make it happen!

Getting ready for riding season doesn’t have to take too much work, but you should take some time to make sure you’re ready. Contact Fast Mask today to order custom motorcycle gloves or any other biking accessories.