Benefits of Wearing the Fast Mask Under Your Helmet

Benefits of Wearing the Fast Mask Under Your Helmet

There is nothing like the feeling of getting on your bike and heading down the road. Whether you are out to see the sights or have a destination in mind, Fast Mask offers the best face mask designs for comfort and quality. With Fast Mask, you never have to sacrifice style and individuality to stay cool, dry and protected from whatever the road throws at you. There are many smart reasons to wear a motorcycle face mask under your helmet and here are a few to keep in mind on your next trip.


One of the coolest parts of our face mask design is wearability. Our masks morph in a bunch of different ways, so you get the best protection in all types of environments and situations. You can enjoy that adrenaline rush and guard your face in style. After slipping off the helmet, adjust your Fast Mask into an awesome bandana until you are ready to roll. You get great coverage all day, and you flex your personal style the whole way.


Design matters. Our masks are high-quality, made with the softest 100% polyester microfiber. The material is quick-drying, so you stay chill inside your helmet. Our masks are built to go the distance and keep you cool while you kick it up a notch in deserts, on mountains or over the plains. Outdoor conditions will never hold you back because our gear is constructed for performance and comfort.

Benefits of Wearing the Fast Mask Under Your Helmet


Bikers don’t hit the open road to spend hours hassling with their gear. At Fast Mask, we design our face masks to give you the right amount of coverage and breathability.

It’s all about balance on a bike, and your gear should add to the pleasure of the ride. Our masks are lightweight and built to fit just right, so you barely notice you are wearing anything. They wick away moisture, so hours later you are still dry and going strong.


Things come at you fast on a bike. Dirt particles, bugs and other airborne matter are problems that come with being on a motorcycle in the great outdoors. The flexibility of our masks allows riders to change up their coverage at any point. 

You can wear the mask to protect your entire head or scrunch it down to protect your neck if flying sand and dirt get rough out there. Getting hit by highway grunge is a safety issue, so your mask provides an essential buffer against extreme conditions.


Individuality is not just about looking cool although our sleek designs always grab attention. Being your own person means you choose the type of gear that speaks to your personal tastes. Fast Masks make time on the road a fun and exciting experience. Becoming overheated inside your helmet or having fumes or debris bothering you on a ride add up to a bad day real fast. A motorcycle face mask is a game-changer for bikers who want to cruise without the pesky frustrations that ruin your day and look awesome in the process.

Get the Best Road Gear Going

Fast Mask has the products that make your bike trips all about the experience. Our customers always come first. We listen to your feedback and design our gear to meet extreme physical demands and to demonstrate your unique personality.

Hey, we get it, you want the best gear with mind-blowing new styles to choose from as the mood strikes you, and that’s our mission. We consistently bring new products to the table, while we keep up with the demand for our masks, gloves and other awesome goods. If you need customized face masks to flash your brand, ask away. Check us out today and enjoy the ride!