Looking for a Comfortable Children's Face Mask?

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Looking for a Comfortable Children’s Face Mask?

In many places, face masks are mandated for adults and children when you’re in public or around people who don’t live with you. The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of 2 years old wear a face mask. Children can find wearing a face mask difficult. Adults can’t even agree on wearing face masks, so the concept may be confusing to our kids. Shop for a jr sizes Fast Mask that is comfortable for your child.

Talk to Your Kids About Face Masks

Children need to understand why face masks are important in this pandemic. Explaining face masks in an age-appropriate way might be difficult for young children, but they can understand handwashing and social distancing to prevent the spread of germs. It’s also good to listen to children about their concerns. If you notice a change in your child’s behaviours, such as sleep disturbance or worry, he or she might be stressed. Try to help your child process emotions about the pandemic to help him or her understand that you’re making the best decisions about what you do know.

Give Children Choices

Getting children to wear clothes that are mandated can be difficult on its own. Most children want to choose their own clothing rather than be told what to wear. Let your children choose their own face mask for kids. You may even want to let your children decorate their face masks with fabric markers or patches for fabrics to give them control over their choices.

jr sizes Fast Mask

How To Make Face Masks More Comfortable for Children

Even with an explanation and decorations, face masks are still foreign to many people. Younger children may need to practice with their stuffed animals or with you before wearing one in public. Older children may want to wear a mask and practice smiling with their eyes to communicate with others while wearing face masks. It’s easy to forget how much of our everyday communication is non-verbal.

Practicing with a face mask at home can help you make sure that the face mask really fits the child. Our jr sizes face mask is 22 cm X 35 cm, made to fit the smaller heads of children. Because our face mask fits around the head like a headband, kids don’t have to worry about elastic. They can pull it up and push it down as needed. Fast Mask face masks are made of comfortable, breathable fabric that also has UPF 40 sun protection built-in. Our face masks will protect your child against the wind and cold, too.

If you do have a face mask with elastic, use a button on a hat or cloth headband to make it easier for the child to wear the face mask. You may need to adjust the elastic to ensure that the face mask covers the child’s mouth and nose. Keep in mind that elastic bands can be annoying if the child is using hearing aids or cochlear implants. A Fast Mask eliminates that concern.

Give Children Time To Get Comfortable Wearing Masks

Wearing a mask might be a requirement in your community, but you can still make it fun for children. Let children wear a face mask while they’re playing and having fun. Be a role model and wear your face mask when you’re in public. Make sure children know that the danger isn’t the outdoors, but in passing germs from person to person. Reassure children that they can still have fun with their friends and family.

Shop for great face masks for kids at Fast Mask. You’ll find a large selection of comfortable masks your child will find fun and exciting to show off to friends.