Important Details To Consider When Buying Motocross Gloves

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When gearing up for your next Motocross adventure, don't forget to include a pair of protective gloves for your hands while you ride. While riders think long and hard before buying a bike helmet and other protective gear for their sport, many racers don't put a lot of thought into their Motocross gloves. At Fast Mask, we offer a line of trendy gloves that give plenty of protection and style for your next ride. Here are important details to think about before buying your gloves.

Get the Right Fit

The first thing to think about before investing in a quality pair of gloves for your riding adventures is the fit. Some glove manufacturers feature a slimmer, European-style fit, while other glove companies make their products in a roomier, American-style fit. European-style gloves typically have longer spaces for the fingers, and American-style gloves are best for those with shorter fingers.

Consider your natural hand shape and size before committing to one style over the other. Take measurements of your palms and fingers rather than leaving it up to chance when choosing your next pair of gloves. Use either a string and a ruler or a fabric measuring tape to calculate your hand width and the circumference of your palm. Then look at the glove manufacturer's size chart to get the right size.

Consider the Material for Motocross Gloves

The material you choose for your gloves is also a big part of their performance and if they feel right during your ride. Gloves for Motocross riders are usually made from leather, textile fabric or a combination of the two.

Leather gloves may be more expensive than other styles. These are great gloves for those who want the classic biker look when they ride. Leather material tends to stand up well to different types of weather and rough riding. Gloves made of leather may also last longer than those made from other materials.

Leather molds to the rider's hands and gives an almost custom fit after they've been broken in. However, one of the downsides of leather is that it can be hotter in the warmer months of the year and this close fit can become uncomfortable.

There are also textile and fabric options for gloves. These may be more affordable and breathable than leather gloves during the summer. Textile gloves also feature different ways to keep hands warmer in the winter, such as thermal liners.

Another possibility is to choose a glove made from both leather and textiles. This way you can get the protective elements of durable leather but have some breathability so your hands don't get too hot. A glove made from mixed materials can also come with internal liners for extra warmth, protective coatings for waterproofing and mesh panels for maximum coolness.

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Match Your Riding Style

The way you ride also is important when choosing the right gloves. When you're committed to racing, you need lightweight gloves that won't weigh or slow you down. If you ride on rough terrain and challenging obstacle courses, it's essential to pick a glove with an excellent grip and form-fitting feel.

If you do endurance-level trail riding, you'll need a glove that offers plenty of protection from debris and other hazards. Gloves with thicker materials around the joints and knuckles are a better option for riders on the trail. Most of all, you want to look cool on your bike. Slick gloves that fit with your gear's overall style are the perfect final accessory.

Get the best quality and performance out of your next pair of Motocross gloves. Before you settle on a pair, be sure to test out the fit, comfort and look of this essential piece of gear. Check out our selection of riding gloves at Fast Mask or let us help you make a custom design that gives you everything you need.