Custom Motorcycle Accessories: What's in a Design?

Custom Motorcycle Face Mask

Those who seek adventure shouldn’t have to settle with the same plain designs and cookie-cutter face mask options as everyone else. At Fast Mask, we’re adrenaline junkies, too, so we want the design of our Fast Masks to match the bold spirit of the people who wear them. That’s why we offer 90-plus design options, as well as the ability to customize your own mask. So, no matter what type of thrill-seeker you are, you’ll find the perfect Fast Mask for you.

Our Motorcycle Fast Mask Designs

Our Fast Mask designs are made to match the unique style of those who love extreme sports. These designs are fearless, just like those who wear them.

Our designs are perfect for men and women. We want you to find the design that works best with whatever version of pulse-pounding adventure you like best. Whether you like killer clowns, cuddly bears420-inspired art or worthy causes, there’s a Fast Mask for you. We carry dozens of styles that should turn heads and speak to who you truly are, from superheroes and donuts to one of our classic designs.

For us to offer a design, it must wow us. A “meh” reaction is, to us, an instruction to toss it away and come up with something wilder, more daring, and unique.

Custom Design Face Masks

We don’t just stop at our designs, though. We also offer the option to custom design a Fast Mask. We can do a small batch order of 10 or up to hundreds, making them perfect for both the individual and the team, club, or riding group that goes boldly into the extreme.

All you need to do is tell us how many you’ll need and some basic descriptors of what you’re looking for:

  • Background colour 
  • Preferred images 
  • Any other details to help us nail the design 

We offer free quotes so you know how much you’re paying, and we have quick turnaround times, so you’re not left waiting by your mailbox while your friends are hitting the road. Just fill out our online form to have us get started.

Custom Motorcycle Face Mask

The Importance of Customization

So why do we offer customizations on top of our 90-plus designs, when any other company would settle for a couple of best-sellers and call it a day? Well, we’re like you. We like to be in control when things start to get extreme. With our customization process, we help you stay in control of how you look. That means you’re not stuck with the same face mask that everyone else has. You get to control how people see you, all while wearing our high-quality gear.

By giving you the power to get customized Fast Masks, we’re also making sure our gear stays relevant to you. We want our Fast Masks and other gear to be known as what to wear if you’re looking to get your pulse pounding and adrenaline pumping. That means no skipping over page after page of bland, dull, lame designs. Our designs are meant to stand out, and our customization process helps make your look stand out even more.

Most importantly of all, customization allows us to stay connected to you. We want our gear to be unique and daring. With the ability to customize and personalize your design, we hope you connect our gear with part of your identity. We’re bold because you’re bold. We’re unique because you’re unique.

The Fast Mask Way

If you have any questions about our design or customization process, make sure to reach out to us today. You can shoot us an email at or contact us through our website.