Dress Right When You Ride

Fastmask motorcycle masks

It’s easy to look cool and wear the best stuff when you ride with Fast Mask. Real bikers don’t wait for the weather report. They hit the road and see what comes. With that attitude, you need products built for extremes.

When you tackle the elements doing what you love, our motorcycle masks give the protection you need. So, what are you waiting for? Roll that power on and hit the road in gear that keeps you safe and speaks your mind. Here’s how Fast Mask ranks on a scale of rad quality to banging styles.

It’s Tough Enough

When you hop on the bike, you need to think about safety as well as style. Here are a few things to consider before you head out:

  • Cover up: Wear pants and a jacket. In the case of a nasty encounter with debris or the pavement, you want layers of protection. Fast Mask has the Live Fast Die Last Skull Bomber Jackets to get you road-ready. 
  • Wear a helmet: Keep your head safe while in motion. Make sure the helmet fits right and has a good safety rating. On your road trip breaks, our snapback hats or toques will fill in perfectly.
  • Grab the gloves: Guard the hands while you cruise. Your digits are in the lead, so show them you care with our motorcycle gloves that feature compound guards, superior padding and reinforced stitching.

Our products stand up and deliver in any situation. Stellar quality and lasting toughness are the benchmarks of the Fast Mask brand. 

It’s Built To Perform

Imagine taking a curve on a high mountain road, and the blazing sun hits you square in the face, or that beautiful sunny day turns into a downpour. It’s essential to be ready for whatever the day brings when you’re on a bike.

A tubular bandana will save you from the blistering heat and keep you cozy dry underneath your helmet. These motorcycle masks function in many different ways to give you the protection you need at the moment. Make sure to layer up before going on your way. 

Dress Right When You Ride

It’s Got the Right Vibes

At Fast Mask, we make it our business to get the designs right. We want our customers to be psyched about every aspect of our gear. Sure, it has to look cool, but it needs to do the job it’s intended for.

For instance, our Armoured shirts have an anti-abrasion Kevlar® lining with removable shoulder, elbow and back protectors. You not only look sharp in our designs; you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. 

Quality isn't just a word to us. It's the way we view our business process from start to finish. We stay in the game every day because you inspire us to keep it real. 

It’s Always Fresh

The last thing you want is boring duds with nothing to say. Part of a fun ride is kicking it up a notch with fresh styles. Our team is constantly pushing the envelope to bring the most exciting styles to the table. 

Our classics still look as cool as they did on day one. Good designs never get old. But, hey, we still want you to check out our new arrivals. Who isn't in the mood for the clothing or accessories that fit your current mindset, right? 

Throw a Dart and Suit Up

At Fast Mask, we believe in the freedom to do your own thing. Take a look at the map, and let the dart fly. Wherever it lands, our gear will help you play defence against whatever the road throws your way.

While you’re at it, wander around our site and see what’s up. If you need customized motorcycle masks, give us a shout. Our mission is your adrenaline rush.