The Difference Between the Ear Loop Mask and Regular Fast Mask

The Difference Between the Ear Loop Mask and Regular Fast Mask
With more people wearing masks more regularly, days of putting on a simple disposable mask have become daily routines over choosing a matching or customized face mask for the day’s outfit or activities. Unfortunately, thrill-seekers have found that the wrong mask can be uncomfortable and distracting. It’s hard to enjoy your hike when your mask makes it harder to breathe in the fresh mountain air. You can’t play ball either when you are having to stop and pick up a mask that has fallen off or slipped away from your face. Fast Mask has a solution to your problem — the ear loop face mask.

At Fast Mask, we carry a wide selection of both neck gaiters and ear loop face masks. Though our ear loop options are the newest addition to the product line of Fast Mask, our customers are loving the unique designs and comfort of these masks. While both of our mask lines are designed to bring you the best in face protection, it is important to choose the right mask for your schedule to make sure the protection is in place.

Ear Loop Mask and Regular Fast Mask

What Are the Benefits of Gaiters?

Not only will you find the most stylish designs with the Fast Mask Gaiter line, but you will also get the benefits of comfortable protection. Gaiters are useful for keeping the sun’s UV rays from damaging your skin when you are out for a run or cycling the neighbourhood, and they keep the wind from chaffing your skin. Because gaiters have extra material that pulls up around the face for protection, the cloth protects a larger part of the neck and face than a standard ear loop mask. These masks can be washed after use.

Fast Mask gaiter options are breathable, moisture-wicking and waterproof. There are also bold designs that let your inner rock star or daredevil out. Gaiters are best for fast-paced activities like motorcycle riding, ATVing, skiing, mountain biking, or sailing. When you are tired and worn out from your adventures, you can simply pull the gaiter down into a neckband, turn it into a headband or wear it as a wristband.

Ear Loop Mask and Regular Fast Mask

What Are the Benefits of Ear Loop Masks?

In response to an overwhelming demand for our vibrant colours, hard-to-miss designs and customizable options in an ear loop style mask, Fast Masks has created a line of protection with a three-layer blend of cotton and polyester with our thrill-seeking consumers in mind. This style allows for easy on and off without pulling it up and over the head. Many find this convenient when they need their mask for a day at the office or require it for brief moments throughout the day. Our masks have an internal pocket that will house a disposable PM2.5 filter, and each mask comes with one filter.

However, the convenience factor hasn’t put a damper on the designs that Fast Mask shoppers can choose from. You can attack the day’s demands with the power of a superhero and our Wonder Woman or Spider Man mask. You can head to the gym with your workout playlist and a Guns and Roses mask to set the pace. The ear loop style is suitable for more moderate activities that don’t require heavy breathing or lead to heavy sweating.

What Option Should I Choose?

When it comes to your mask choice, consider the amount of activity you plan on doing. You should also consider if there are any mask restrictions for specific locations. While uncommon, places like Disneyland do not allow gaiters to be worn, so an ear loop style would be your option. Regardless of the style, the designs of Fast Mask are audacious and daring, matching your personality and high-octane lifestyle. Choose from one of many designs to express yourself, or if you have your own ideas, let us customize a Fast Mask for you.