Protect Your Skin With Fast Masks During Winter Family Fun

Fast Masks During Winter Family Fun

As an adult, it is all too easy to lose the excitement of winter between necessary chores, such as shovelling the driveway and coping with the effects of cold weather on your skin. However, there are still plenty of fun activities and adventures to be experienced at this time of year. If you have kids, they can help you rediscover the joy as they experience the wonder of winter with new eyes. While you're out enjoying yourselves, don't forget the importance of protecting yourself and your kids from the damaging effects of cold with a fleece face mask for every member of the family.

What Winter Activities Can You Do With Your Kids?

If your kids are very young, you may have to modify some activities for them. However, there are many activities that even young kids can participate in.

1. Ice Skating

Kids can start ice skating as young as age 4, although they should wear a helmet when first learning in case of falls. Not only is skating fun, but it helps build skills that kids can use in ice sports as they get older, such as hockey, figure skating or speed skating.

2. Skiing

Think your kids are too young for skiing? Think again. Some children start learning as young as 2 or 3. There are two different styles of skiing, cross-country and downhill, and either can be a fun and memorable family activity.

3. Sledding

Young kids should ride with an adult, and you may want to choose a more gentle slope. Nevertheless, zooming down a snowy hill on a toboggan, tube or sled is an exhilarating experience at any age.

4. Indoor Activities

Not all the fun of winter is to be had outdoors. One of the best parts of winter activity is coming back inside to warm up by the fire with mugs of hot chocolate and talk over your day.

Fast Masks During Winter Family Fun

How Does a Fleece Face Mask Protect Your Skin?

Exposure to the cold can put your skin at risk for potentially serious conditions, such as frostbite and pernio. 

  • Frostbite occurs when the skin and underlying tissues start to freeze, which disrupts the blood flow. Areas of the face that are most vulnerable to frostbite include the ears, cheeks and nose. 
  • Pernio is an inflammatory response in small blood vessels to sudden warming. Fleece face masks provide insulation from the cold, helping to prevent these conditions.

As the temperature drops, the air also becomes drier. This means that your skin loses moisture faster. Exposure to the cold wind accelerates this process, and your skin can become dry and irritated as a result. Fleece masks form a barrier between the bitter wind and your vulnerable skin to slow down moisture loss.

Our fleece Fast Masks are made of a breathable material that wicks moisture from your skin. This is especially important during winter activities. If clothing becomes damp with sweat, it can make you even colder, which is not only uncomfortable but potentially dangerous.

Even when the weather is colder, you still need to protect your skin from the sun. Ice and snow crystals can reflect sunlight into your face. Believe it or not, this can cause sunburn, and severe sunburn increases your risk for developing skin cancer someday. A Fast Mask can shield your face from these potentially harmful rays.

Don't Let the Cold Spoil Your Family Fun

Childhood is short, and so are winter days. The cold and wind shouldn't have to stop you from making the most of the season with your family. Fast Masks protect your skin so that you can enjoy family fun outdoors this winter. Check out our selection of fleece face masks for adults and kids, which come in a wide variety of playful and stylish designs.