Gear Up and Go! — It’s Winter Somewhere!

Gear Up and Go! — It’s Winter Somewhere!

The spring can be an ideal time to ride. The days are longer, the sun shines a little brighter, and the snowpack isn’t going anywhere. You’re not the type to wait for nature to give you the conditions you want; you’re going to go out and find it, even if it takes you into another hemisphere.

There are powder days to be had year-round all over the globe, so gather up your Fast Mask snowboarding face mask collection and follow the seasons until the very last snowflake melts.

Chase the Snow

Whether you’re a baby shredder or a pro, sooner or later, a few winter months of riding just won’t be enough anymore. After the March temperatures start to warm places like Mammoth and Park City, you can continue your North American season by moving north. The delayed season change in places like Idaho, Vermont, and British Columbia means an extra month or so before the slopes turn to slush.

The mountains of Europe also typically host skiers and snowboarders later into May after most North American ski towns start their off-seasons. The classic European snow sports vision may take you to the Alps of France and Switzerland. However, snowboarders flock to peaks extending from Slovakia in the East to Portugal in the West.

If you don’t think you’ve seen enough powder to tide you over from May to November, look to South America, Australia, and New Zealand — snowboarding season in the Southern Hemisphere is just getting started in July. If you play your cards right, find a remote job and sell all of your worldly belongings for location independence (except your snowboarding gear, of course), you could theoretically travel the globe and ride the calendar from end to end.

Rock Your Style

Gear Up and Go! — It’s Winter Somewhere!

Everyone knows that it’s all about how good you look when you nail that half-pipe, and you would sell your car to buy that freestyle snowboard with the gnarliest artwork you’ve ever seen. For you, basic black just won’t cut it. Fast Mask has you covered by twisting today’s trends into new designs that speak to your nonconformity.

Plain skulls are boring; level up with Santa Muerte. Display your national pride with one of over two dozen international flag designs, or go low-key with a Galaxy pattern or an unconventional camo colour. From the Hulk to hockey to Dancing Pickles, you’re sure to find a popular or avant-garde design you love in our mountain-sized collection.

Do you wish your mask matched your gnarly snowboard artwork or displayed your personal emblem? Fast Mask’s customization process can transform the utterly practical mask you love into a one-of-a-kind creation that is 100% you. We are all proud to be individuals, and we understand your drive to express your style.

And if your style is basic black — hey, we won’t judge.

Endure Through the Elements

Your dedication to your awesome image is one thing, but it doesn’t matter how rad your get-up is when alpine weather conditions break through your gear and turn you into a meat popsicle.

Springtime may be less brutal than the dead of winter, but the brighter sun means that you’re more likely to sweat on the run and then freeze in the breeze on the lift. Swap out your arctic fleece for a regular Fast Mask made of 100% polyester microfiber that’s perfect for the spring slopes. The lightweight, breathable material wicks moisture away so that it can evaporate fast, preventing the cold from seeping through a mask damp with sweat and breath condensation. Our Fast Mask helps keep UV rays from damaging your face with SPF 40 protection and even keeps pesky insects away that may be starting to wake after a long winter’s nap.

Fast Mask is the perfect complement to your just-one-more-ride attitude. Find your next adventure and outfit yourself with the best protection and design you’ll find in any snowboarding face mask today.