How Our Customization Process Works

How Our Customization Process Works

Fast Mask is all about giving customers what they want. We know you appreciate creativity and freedom of expression. People love our products because their sense of adventure is reflected in our awesome gear. Whether it’s the open road, powdered slopes or big peaks calling, Fast Mask clothing has you covered in all conditions.

If you want a chill day at home, we always bring comfort for any occasion. If you’re new to our brand, well, get ready to have an experience. Our selection of gear is second to none with new arrivals always on the way. And to push our limits even higher, we offer custom designs. So ask away, and our designers will get on it and make a custom face mask that tells your story. Here’s how we get the job done:

We Create Your Designs

Fast Mask styles are fresh. We recommend you get to know our products, so you see what we’re about. We recently released our new Live Fast Die Last line of clothing and accessories. It’s pretty radical if you ask us. Putting together a collection means you have something to say. The same goes for customizations. You want a design that is specific to your passions. We bring your dream to reality, and every product is made to last and withstand extreme conditions. Face masks must look fantastic and provide comfort and durability.

We make it easy for our customers to chat with us about face-mask customizations. Here’s what we need to know:

  • What kind of image do you want?
  • How many times do you want your image to appear?
  • What background colour do you want?
  • How many items do you need?
  • How quickly do you need the order?
  • What is your contact information?

Tell us any other information that helps us get your mask order just right. To simplify the process more, we have a designated page on the website for custom orders. It gives you information about our process, and you can browse through some cool examples of what we do. You’ll see our easy-to-use quote box where you can place an order right away!

How Our Customization Process Works

We Boost Your Brand

One of the most successful marketing strategies these days is promoting brand visibility. In a crowded marketplace, potential customers need to see your brand logo or name numerous times to begin identifying with it and wanting to get more information. Branded clothing is a wildly popular way of getting the word out about your company, organization or event in a visual way. It doesn’t get more upfront than putting your brand on a Fast Mask.

Today, with people needing to use masks daily, it’s one of the best ways to advertise to all types of people in all types of places. Plus, it’s a smart way to let customers see how you embrace innovative ideas in a changing business landscape.

We Produce Great Masks

Our products stand out in any environment. They have a built-in wow factor with their striking designs and vibrant colours. Customers who wear our clothing appreciate that heads turn, and people notice these masks. Customizing an already popular product means people will zero in on the fine details.

We have fast turnaround times and on orders of more than $45 shipping is free. Fast Mask will be in touch within one business day of receiving your order form to get things started. We can handle orders from one to 10,000 masks. We're certain you’ll dig the finished product.

We Deliver the Goods

You can trust Fast Mask with all of your custom face mask designs. We are committed to producing high-quality products, and we always put our customers first. Check out our website for more clothing items and accessories. Fast Mask keeps you cool, dry, protected and looking great.