Join Team Fast Mask

Join Team Fast Mask

If you are looking for a great opportunity and a super cool side hustle, we’d be honoured to have you join our Fast Mask team. We are searching for people to hype our Fast Mask face masks on the social media platforms where they hang. Many of you are already customers, so you know the quality of our brand and our commitment to the Live Fast lifestyle. Our mission is to bring our goods to more people who want to live free and look sharp while doing their thing. You can help us roam the social highways where people check out peers to find awesome products that speak their language.

Be a Brand Ambassador

Join Team Fast Mask

Fast Mask is about keeping it simple and being bold. Here are the three things you need to know about becoming an ambassador for our product lines:

  1. Fill out an application: We’re Fast Mask, so of course, we have a quick and easy application process. Just tell us why you want to be a part of the team because we’d love to know what you dig about our mission and our gear.
  2. Get creative: Our team lives on the innovative edge. As an ambassador, creativity is your corner pocket. You choose how to get the word out to people and get them excited to try our stuff. Content comes in all varieties and styles. You can promote your favourite gear or seek inspiration from our cool content missions.
  3. Promote what you love: Fast Mask customers understand this brand is more than clothing and accessories; it’s a personal life choice. You wear the styles because they tell your story. You reach friends and followers with this same passion. How sweet is that? You say what you feel about Fast Mask and ask others to participate in the dream, and you earn commissions on the sales you generate.

We set you up with your own discount code and tracking link, so you make money when you share our information with people. This isn’t about mind-numbing sales pitches. It’s about speaking your truth and building community.

Check Out These Awesome Incentives

At Fast Mask, we always bring the goods. As a brand ambassador, you have lots of incentives to move our products including rewards for completing missions. There are new missions every week to keep things fun and to give ideas on how to create rad content. You earn cash, gift cards and free merch because we take care of our team.

Live Fast Sell Fast

Our products are about adventure and attitude. Our customers choose us because they want to express their personality. Here are some products you get to promote with new arrivals coming all of the time:

The best part is our designs are lit. Our Live Fast Die Last line alone is enough to hook hardcore thrill-seekers. We cater to adrenaline junkies who like to get their game on in fast-paced, demanding environments. We have masks for men, women and children, so the whole family can rock the same styles. When you get the message out, this brand sells fast. If you’re investing the time, you want a product that blows people’s minds. Fast Mask is your gig.

Get Started Today

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this. Check out how to join team Fast Mask and tell us why you are a good pick. While you're here, take a look at our Fast Masks, custom motorcycle gloves and other products.

Fast Mask is a way of life. It’s our approach to creativity and style. We are a fast-growing brand with high-quality products and cool designs. Our customers keep coming back for more and that says it all.