Keeping You Warm With This Live Fast Die Last Bomber Jacket

Live Fast Die Last Bomber Jacket

The weather never stops a die-hard biker. Your motorcycle is an extension of your personality and your passion. If you have the motivation, the right gear and the know-how, riding year-round is a breeze. Fast Mask will never leave you in the cold.

We’ve got the protection you need when winter calls. Nothing says you’re ready for action like our Live Fast Die Last jacket and sweater. Here’s why our live fast clothing is the right choice for the season.

Bomber Jackets Are Truly Cool on a Cold Ride

The cold will never get you down when you slip on our Live Fast Die Last Skull Bomber Jacket. Instantly, you feel the quality and comfort you associate with the Fast Mask brand. The proof is in the details of this well-designed piece of rugged outerwear. We hit all the marks on protection, fit and price. We bring the function and style you expect:

  • Diamond stitch pattern over the entire jacket
  • Black jacket with gold or red embroidery
  • Classic sleeve pocket
  • Exterior pockets with hidden zippers
  • Two inside pockets (one with a zipper)

This jacket offers great wind block and warmth for the most demanding days on the road. Why not take protection a step further and layer it with a Fast Mask sweater. This combo is sure to extend your time out on the curves and straightaways.

Sweaters To Live Fast Die Last For

The Live Fast Die Last Skull Bandana Sweater is the ultimate in performance and looks. Pair it with our bomber jacket for that extra edge on winter outings. The hood provides a barrier against wind and extreme conditions.

This sweater speaks the language of adventure with its unique, yet classic, skull design. The sleek black fabric makes the artistry stand out in your choice of red, green or blue colours. With its roomy construction, just add a shirt underneath to get the best base layer going.

Winter Rides Are a Chilling Adventure

Live Fast Die Last Bomber Jacket

Winter riding is a whole new kind of experience. While conditions are often extreme, some preparations and precautions will keep you flying free all year long. Here are four tips to help you get in the saddle and go:

  1. Get your bike in winter shape: Windscreens and handguards are essential to shield you from the elements. You should also consider adding heated handgrips. Adventure-level riding pegs help you grip better in slick conditions.
  2. Take it slow: Driving conditions are the big concern on winter rides. It’s fun to get out and move on the open road, but you need to check the speed a bit to keep things safe when snow and ice are present.
  3. Check your tires: Cold tires limit your traction, so they need extra time to warm up in winter weather. Keep the tire pressure at the correct level. Make sure you have adequate tire tread to safely navigate wet and icy roadways.
  4. Wear the right stuff: Winter riding is all about layering. Wear base layers and the proper outerwear when temperatures drop.

Taking these few steps will allow you to enjoy the outdoor experience on your bike all year long.

Fast Masks and Gloves Give Some Added Kick

Our Fast Masks and gloves provide additional coverage that keeps you warm and dry. Our tubular bandanas have a multipurpose design and are light to wear or carry. Our gloves are built to endure with reinforced palms, extra knuckle guards and flexible performance.

Gear Up and Get Going

Fast Mask clothing and accessories are an expression of who you are and what you like to do. We strive to make our customers happy and consistently add new options while keeping our line fresh and fun. Check out our Live Fast Die Last bomber jackets and sweaters for the gear you need this winter.