Looking To Build A Custom Motorcycle? Start With A Custom Fast Mask!

Custom Fast Mask for Custom Motorcycle

Dreaming about riding your very own custom-built motorcycle? Custom bike builds have become popular over the past few decades due to reality television and an explosion in bike building creativity. If you have always wanted a custom bike, you may be able to make it happen. Once you get a dream chopper that looks and performs exactly the way you want, gear up with a matching custom face mask from Fast Mask to show off your new ride. Here is the process for building a custom bike.

Choose a DIY or Professional Bike Build

The first step to a custom motorcycle build is determining your budget and the logistics. If you have heavy pockets, you may be able to turn to a professional bike building shop to make your dream bike a reality. For most people, that route may be out of reach, so consider taking on the custom bike building project yourself as a unique DIY project.

Taking on the project by yourself may also require a financial investment in bike parts, workshop equipment and mechanical tools. You will also need to master a set of new skills to fabricate and put together the bike you design yourself. Custom bike builders going the DIY route need to have some technical drawing, metalworking, fabricating, electrical, mechanical and project management skills.

Define Your Bike Style  

Next, it's time to define your dream bike style. There are different styles of motorcycles that can be customized. One of the most popular custom motorcycles is the chopper style. This is a custom bike that has big wheels, a long frame and a high-rank angle.

A custom café racer is another popular bike build. Café racers are designed to be lightweight racing motorcycles. Some other bike styles that can be customized are bobbers, street trackers and scramblers. Go with a bike style that matches how you ride and what you want to get out of the motorcycle.

Finding the Parts

The next thing to do if you're embarking on a DIY build is to find the right parts and materials to make the bike come together. Custom bike builds start with a project bike that becomes the base for the build. An older bike may be easier to work with if you don't have experience in mechanics and motorcycle design.

Bike building projects also require a long list of various components and parts. While some of the more expensive items can be found used, it may be best to opt for new to get the most quality and life out of your new custom bike. You'll need roller bearings, filters, rubber parts and a wiring setup for your custom project bike.

Design a Matching Custom Face Mask

After stocking up on all of the parts and tools, you'll need to clean everything thoroughly and then start putting it together. This process may take several months and lots of trial and error. As you go through the steps of the custom bike building project, you may also find that you're spending more and more money each month.

If a custom bike build is not realistic in your budget, consider opting for a custom face mask from Fast Mask instead. Expressing yourself with a custom motorcycle may have to wait until you master the bike building skills or pad your budget. For now, make a statement with your unique face mask design.

Learn how to customize your face mask. At Fast Mask, it's simple, easy and affordable to express your style and unique look with a custom face mask. Use the inspiration for your custom dream motorcycle style to design a mask that makes you stand out.