Motocross: The Thrilling Yet Highly Underrated Sport

Motocross: The Thrilling Yet Highly Underrated Sport

Motocross is a sport that nearly everyone has heard of but that very few people actually participate in, which is a huge shame. Motocross is a great sport for many reasons, which you can explore more below, but one of the biggest motivations for joining your local motocross family is that it’s just plain fun.

From “It’s too dangerous” to “It’s expensive,” there are dozens of reasons you can probably think of to not let your child ride. However, for every con you come up with, an enthusiast can give you a handful more pros. Use this guide to explore more about motocross, what makes it such a great sport for young people and how you can get your child started.

What Is Motocross?

Motocross has been around since the earliest 20th century and originated in the United Kingdom when automotive clubs hosted timed trials. Time trials eventually evolved into off-road versions called “Scrambles,” which eventually turned into what we know as motocross today. Today’s motocross is a sport in which participants compete on off-road courses of mud, gravel, grassy or all of the above. While racing is an essential element of the sport, motocross is less about competing against other bikers and more about competing against the elements, a fact that makes it far more interesting than traditional games.

Why You Should Let Your Kid Get Involved

Motocross: The Thrilling Yet Highly Underrated Sport

People who are not involved in motocross have several negative preconceived notions about it. In addition to people believing it’s dangerous and expensive, they also assume that the motocross lifestyle is a vice-riddled one. This could not be further from the truth. Motocross families consist largely of wholesome, family-oriented, passionate and dedicated individuals. In fact, the people themselves are a large part of what makes the sport so addictive. Some ways that these people, along with the sport itself, can serve as positive influences on your child and your family are as follows:

  • Both reinforce the value of good health. Motocross is a physically demanding sport that requires riders to maintain optimal health at all times. Once children discover this, they are more inclined to stay in great shape.
  • Both place a large emphasis on safety. There is no denying that motocross is inherently risky, but instead of letting that deter them, participants place a significant emphasis on safety. From requiring everything from motocross gloves to helmets on the track to encouraging ongoing practice, riders and their families make safety a lifestyle.
  • Both value and encourage positive relationships. On the track, you and your kids will make lifelong friends. However, because of the time investment the sport requires, you will find that your relationship with your child will grow stronger with each passing day.
  • Both emphasize work ethic and responsibility. Dirt bike riders learn the importance of maintenance and practice at a young age, which will serve them well in the future.

Talk to any motocross enthusiast and you will discover dozens of more reasons to let your child get involved. For now, see what you need to do to get started.

Preparing Your Child for Motocross 

There will be a whole list of things you need to accomplish to get your child ready for motocross but by far the most important is ensuring he or she has the equipment necessary to safely participate. It’s essential that you buy your child protective gear designed specifically with motocross in mind, such as motocross gloves, motocross helmets, motocross jackets, motocross boots and the like. While some of the gear may give you sticker shock, note that it can make a world of difference for your child’s comfort and safety. The right gear was designed to move appropriately, safeguard riders from common hazards and ensure utmost comfort on the trails.

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