Fast Mask Motorcycle Gloves Are More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Fast Mask Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves that show your unique style look amazing when you ride. Who doesn’t love to see rad gear? Putting aside the major style factors, well-crafted gloves provide protection against a bunch of situations that can ruin your day. We know that some gloves out there are bulky and uncomfortable, so you would rather not wear them. Fast Mask has the answer with our one-of-kind designs made from high-quality materials and engineered with thrill-seekers in mind. Check out these great reasons why our gloves perfectly fit your adventurous lifestyle.

Get Serious Protection

Riders know that gear has to perform and function with easy mobility. You can’t be in the middle of a hairpin turn and lose your grip. A great pair of motorcycle gloves allows you to take risk and enjoyment to the next level. Here’s how our gloves make it happen:

Get a Grip

A solid grip is one of the most essential parts of riding. There are lots of poor-quality gloves out there that leave your hands a mess. Weak construction means the most necessary elements of the glove break down fast. After hours on a bike, your hands grow numb and tired, unable to keep a firm grip. If a glove is too heavy and hot, your hands sweat and slip inside the materials. We’ve literally got you covered with our superior design:

  • Palm protection: You’ll appreciate our double-stitched leather palms with a layer of Kevlar and polyurethane sliders. At least if you skid, you won’t have to deal with shredded palms.
  • Knuckle protection: The moment you slide them on, you'll understand why we’ve added compound rubber guards that conform to your fingers. Besides stellar knuckle protection, you have ample finger dexterity, range of motion and sheer comfort.
  • Hand function: You won’t be surprised that we took it a step further and added touchscreen-capable index fingers. When you need to use your phone or any touchscreen, you can access it effortlessly and never miss a great photo op.
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Get Good Defense

When you live fast, you know accidents happen. Wiping out at high speeds can cause a lot of body damage, and we don’t just mean your motorcycle. Most people in a fall first reach out with their hands to brace against an impact. With quick reactions, you can avoid ugly injuries, and our gloves give the proper barrier to protect yourself in a crash.

Get Free of Debris

It’s fair to say on a great ride that stuff flies. Everything comes at you fast, including rocks, mud, bugs and any other airborne debris. Motorcycle gloves are your ally against projectile objects coming straight at you. We designed them with a tough outer frame built for rugged action, so you ride free of debris worries.

Get Warm

Cold weather never stops a ride. Bikers are out in all conditions, because adventure doesn’t take a time out for climate. When the temperature drops, warm hands are a must for maneuverability. Our glove design performs in all weather conditions.

Get Serious Double-Takes

Okay, so motorcycle gloves are more than just style icons; they’re great protective gear — but the wow factor is another reason we dig wearing them. Fast Mask excels at customer service. You want options, we’ve got ’em. Our best-selling paisley prints come in a variety of colours. We also bring the goods with designs that include anything from Beauty and the Beast to Guns N' Roses and Santa Muerte. If you want to project your own vibe, we can custom-design your look. With our motorcycles gloves you can have it both ways: protection and polish.

Get Our Gear

Fast Mask is an industry leader in quality masks, gloves and other accessories for the adventure crowd. Contact us to get more information about our original designs.