Fast Mask Motorcycle Gloves Review

Fast Mask Motorcycle Gloves

A recent YouTube video that reviewed Fast Mask motorcycle gloves led us to want to share more information about our line of gloves. We love it when customers share their opinions of our products. Motorcycle gloves protect your hands against the cold, but they do much more than that. A good pair of gloves will help make your ride more comfortable by absorbing the vibration of the bike. Well-ventilated gloves can help you stay cooler in the summer. 

Your gloves also keep your hands from drying out against the wind and from getting sunburned. You get a better grip on the handlebars when you wear gloves. You can focus on your ride instead of getting muscle fatigue in your hands while you’re on the road. If you fall, your motorcycle gloves are a line of protection for your delicate fingers and wrists. Plus, a great pair of gloves just look cool.

How To Size Gloves

Gloves need to fit snugly without being too tight. American-fit gloves tend to be roomier around the palm and finger. European gloves have a tighter fit. To find the size of glove you need, you’ll want to measure your hand. Gloves are sized two different ways — width of the palm or circumference of the hand. When you pull up the manufacturer’s chart, it should say how the glove is fit. To measure your palm width, lay a ruler flat on the table. Measure the widest part of your palm. Do both hands, because the hands can vary in size. Use the larger of the numbers for your glove fit. To measure your hand circumference, take a soft tape measure and wrap it around the palm behind your knuckles. Don’t measure your thumb, just the palm.

Fast Mask Motorcycle Gloves Size Chart

What Type of Glove Do You Need?

You’ll find plenty of options when it comes to motorcycle gloves. Your first decision is what type of glove you want, which depends on what type of riding you do:

  • Street - sporty and classic, short cuffs, touchscreen fingertips, with impact protection for all-around riding.
  • Race - gauntlet design to cover your wrists, designed for aggressive and track riding. Knuckle and pinkie protection, high performance in case of a crash. Typically, these gloves are the most expensive because of their functionality.
  • Touring gloves - designed for longer rides and street rides, usually with a gauntlet to protect your wrists from the elements.
  • ADV gloves - for adventurers who need dexterity and impact protection.
  • Dirt gloves - cheap gloves designed for control and mobility. Not for street or racing use, because they are made of a thin textile without impact protection.

Most gloves are made of leather, a manmade textile or a hybrid of the two. Leather gloves are traditional and stylish. Over time, the leather will mold to your hand, giving you a broken-in feeling. The downside to leather is that it isn't weatherproof. Leather might be more expensive, but the gloves will last for years if you take care of them. The best waterproof gloves are made of textiles designed to stand up to the versatile conditions while riding. Textile gloves with liners can be bulky, but your hands will stay dry and warm when it’s chillier. They won’t mold to your hand like leather, but they do stand up against rain and cold better than leather. Hybrid gloves take the best of both textile and leather gloves and combine them into a utility glove.

Choose Fast Mask Gloves For Style and Performance

Fast Mask motorcycle gloves are sized to the palm width. We offer a 100% fade guarantee. Our gloves offer UV protection. They’re made of high quality, breathable fabrics that are comfortable. Shop our collection of gloves to find a pair that fits your style on the road.