Should You Start Your Motorcycle In The Winter?

Motorcycle In The Winter

Going for a ride to feel the wind on your back and the sun in your face is one reason many people become motorcycle owners to start with. While there's nothing more relaxing than riding in the warmer months, it's common to feel antsy during the winter when you're feeling more housebound than ever but it's too cold to enjoy a long ride. That also begs the question: should you even start your motorcycle during the winter months?

Start Your Engines

While it is necessary to be extra careful in winter, there are more benefits to starting your motorcycle rather than letting it sit in the garage for several months. Running your bike for at least 15 minutes once a week helps your vehicle maintain several components when not in daily use. Taking time out once during the week to run the motorcycle means the engine components stay lubricated. When certain metal parts aren't given this consistent oil, they can become brittle and even break. 

Finally, starting it up allows the battery to get fully charged, leaving you one less thing to worry about replacing later on. Although it might seem like a hassle on especially cold days, getting your bike warmed up can prevent a host of problems from greeting you when the warmer weather beckons.

Layer Up If You Do Ride

It's not hard to imagine the desire to take your motorcycle for a quick once-around the neighborhood once you've got it running. If you can't resist going for a jaunt, make sure you're bundled up for the weather. However cold it is outside is going to be intensified by the speed you're travelling at, along with the fact that you have no protection from the elements. 

A winter jacket, thick jeans, and motorcycle boots can help you feel comfortable. Don't forget glasses to shield your eyes from the combination glare of sun and snow. Another form of protection that is necessary is a Fast Mask motorcycle face mask since it can cover the more sensitive parts of your face from windburn or extreme cold that you might encounter while out. Motorcycle face masks come in different fabrics like fleece, making it comfortable for winter riding while giving you the chance to express yourself with a design that can be customized for you. Being covered up means you can be out a little longer, too.

Should You Start Your Motorcycle In The Winter?

Watch The Roads

The roads in winter are a little more of a challenge to deal with, thanks to snow, ice, and possible drift. If you are planning on going for a ride, plan carefully and proceed with caution. It might be helpful to check your local weather and avoid days that call for snow or mention problems with black ice. Sunlight might be brighter than normal in winter due to reflection off of the snow. Wearing protective gear, going when it's light out, and staying on roads that are well-plowed are the keys to enjoying your motorcycle in the winter.

Don't let the cold winter weather stop you from taking care of your bike. Proper maintenance and TLC between fall to spring is essential when trying to avoid serious performance issues and to make sure all parts of the bike are working normally.  Keep it stored in a garage or other covered space during the winter, and start it once a week for at least 15 minutes. If you can't resist, it's okay to take your motorcycle for a ride. Pay attention to the roads so you aren't fighting bad weather in the process. Make sure to dress for the weather and use a Fast Mask motorcycle face mask to stay safe and warm while you're riding.