Attention Snowboarders and Skiers Check Out Our Fleece Face Masks

 Snowboarder, Skier, fleece fast mask

If you’re looking forward to winter to get out on the slopes and in the snow, you need to start thinking about getting your gear in order. Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to exercise in the winter. You’ll find lots of adventure outside and enjoy nature and fresh air. The only downside is the cold. Staying warm when you’re using calories to generate body heat and perform at your best can be difficult. Investing in the right gear keeps you comfortable, and you can show off your personality with a fleece face mask that provides added warmth.  Here are some tips to help you enjoy your time outside.

Tips on How to Stay Warm While Skiing or Snowboarding

No matter how thick your outerwear is, if you aren’t warm underneath, you won’t stay comfortable while you ski or snowboard. The best way to stay snug is to build layers. A thin underlayer keeps moisture away from your skin. A wool or moisture-wicking undershirt and leggings help take the chill off without adding bulk. The middle layer adds insulation without making your clothing too heavy. The outer layer should be waterproof. Investing in high-quality, cold-weather gear can save you the hassle of replacing your equipment each year and make you more comfortable when you’re outside.

Pay close attention to the clothing that protects your extremities. Your toes, fingers and nose start to suffer from the cold before the rest of your body. Wear well-insulated socks, boots and gloves. Cover your head with a face mask or scarf. Heat escapes from your head faster than the rest of your body. Make sure to have a well-fitting helmet that adds insulation and fits over your winter gear.

Minimize the amount of bare skin that is exposed to the elements. Don’t leave gaps between your sleeves and gloves or neck and helmet. Slip some added warmth in your pockets by adding hand warmers that can help you heat up a little between runs. Watch the temperature when you’re outside. Remember to check the wind chill as well as the thermometer. A wind chill can make you feel even colder than the temperature.

Pay attention to how long you are outside without a break. If you can pack something hot to drink and eat, it can help you stay warm and fuel you for more time in the cold.

 Snowboarder, Skier, fleece fast mask

Reasons to Wear a Fleece Face Mask During Outside Sports

A face mask not only keeps you warmer when you’re skiing or snowboarding, but it also offers added protection from the elements.

  • A face mask protects your skin against sores and dryness, which distract you from staying safe.
  • Your face mask prevents cold stress. When your face gets chilled, you may feel more frozen than you really are.
  • A fleece face mask helps keep you hydrated by keeping your airways moist. When you breathe in the cold, crisp air, it makes your airways dryer, leading to a cough or sore throat.
  • If you’re a referee or employee who works outside on the slopes, a fleece face mask helps you stay OSHA compliant. In cold workplaces, workers should wear protective clothing, including face masks.
  • Face masks protect your skin against sunburn. The sun’s UV rays bounce off the snow and hit you from overhead. 

Fleece Face Masks That Will Make You Stand Out

Check out our collection of face masks from Fast Mask. Our fleece face mask is made of a warm and breathable 100% polyester microfiber on the outside with a fleece lining that protects your face. The fabric is moisture-wicking and stain-resistant. With our 100% no-fade guarantee, if it fades, we’ll replace your mask at no charge.