Why Are Skulls a Popular Fashion Design

Skull Face Masks

You’ve seen them on bracelets. They’re made into rings. At Fast Mask, we have them on face masks, t-shirts, bomber jackets and gloves: Skulls. Why are they so fascinating? You might consider them a sign of rebellion; a rough and tough symbol that you’re living on the edge, and for good reason.

Skulls make many people think of death. If you’re living on the wild side, death could be around any corner and at the bottom of any jump, and that’s what makes it exciting! You’re too good to let that happen though, so Live Fast, Die Last! In the meantime, take a moment to understand some history behind the skull and what makes it such a popular fashion design.

A Reminder You Must Die

The phrase ‘memento mori’ means ‘remember you must die.’ In the 15th century, individuals wore skulls for the sole purpose of remembering they will die. Tibetan monks carried skulls for the same reason. Why is it important to remember you must die? Perhaps it will make you look at life a little differently. You might put more emphasis on the important things when you realize there’s an end to what you’re doing. Wearing shirts, hats, masks or jewelry with a skull can help you remember each day that you have a purpose, so you better get to work fulfilling it.

A Symbol of Power and Authority

Skull design jacket

Skulls tend to symbolize strength. With strength comes power and authority, whether imagined or real. If you’ve ever taken the time to look at a pirate ship, you’ll see their flag with a skull and crossbones.

The ship might be otherwise decorated with skulls as well. This was a status symbol. The skulls told others that the pirates had a certain authority and power, whether on the land or on the sea.

They also scared others away. This could have been because others feared death at the sight of a skull, but it could also be because they understood the symbolism of the skull. In the modern world, skulls still represent authority and power, though in a more respectful way than perhaps the pirates of old intended.

A Look Toward Heaven

The Old English used skulls with wings as decorations on graves, representing angels and souls making their way toward heaven. In this sense, skulls are a reminder that heaven is on the other side of death. It’s not a scary end to your life, but a new beginning. While this could understandably scare some, it comforts others with a seeming guarantee of the immortality of the soul and an afterlife to look forward to.

When paired with wings, you are given the feeling there is something amazing that awaits you. By considering the skull as something that points toward heaven, it can remind you daily to do a good deed, which is something all bikers and thrill-seekers are usually prone to doing anyway.

A Modern Statement

In the modern world, people wear skulls for a variety of these historic reasons, but also to portray danger, rebellion, popularity, bravery and toughness. Whatever the reason, your statement is your statement, so make it a good one. Wear a skull ring. Add a skull bandana to your collection. Put a skull decal on your motorcycle. Whether you sport a custom face mask with a skull or choose from one of many t-shirts that include the icon, it’s a craze that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Live Fast, Die Last isn’t just a motto we’ve placed on our products; it’s a motto we live by. Take life to the next level and order the skull merchandise that will help you portray your purpose behind using a skull as a fashion statement.