Are You a Sports Fan? Check Out These Face Masks

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2020 has been a difficult year for sports. The Summer Olympics were postponed a year. The Masters Golf Tournament, the traditional first PGA tournament is now in November, an unprecedented decision of its 86-year history. The NHL season resumed but much differently without fans. Horse racing, auto racing and baseball seasons all got delayed. The NFL is on schedule, but not without its challenges and limits in these pandemic times. If you’re planning on attending a sporting event this year for your friend or child, check out our collection of face masks at Fast Mask.

Where Did the Concept of Sports Begin?

Ancient Greeks introduced formal sports to the world, probably over 3,000 years ago, but sports could date long before that. Hunters practiced throwing spears to take down prey. Warriors may have sparred with opponents to train for war. How did the practice of preparation for war or the hunt evolve into what we know today as sports?

Chariot and foot races were part of the ancient Olympics. Wrestling and jumping were also competitions included in those games.

History clearly shows that people have always been competitive. The ancient Olympic Games were held to honour Zeus. Athletes competed to win prizes. More importantly, at these games, the leaders of the cities and states met to discuss political and economic matters. Warfare stopped long enough for people to travel to and from the games peacefully, an informal truce, which let people connect at a different level during those times. 

It isn’t surprising that modern people bond over sports.

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Why Are People So Passionate About Sports?

In ancient times, people looked at the ancient Olympians as heroes, much the way we do today. Sports allow people to look up to the icons who literally put their lives on the line. Even more importantly, sports offered a sense of belonging. It’s not unlike joining the military or having a family. There’s a great emotional value in belonging to something more than yourself. Sports help us identify with others, especially our favourite team. Most people support their hometown team, even when they move away. It’s part of our local culture.

Following sports lets, you experience the high of a win without actually having to be physical. It can be a healthy outlet for your aggression, just make sure you don’t get so aggressive that you end up in a riot or beat up an opponent’s fan. Sports also give us a way to escape reality, even if it's only for a few hours while we’re watching the game. It’s a sense of escapism, but we get positive feelings from the atmosphere. Sports are a great way to pass the time.

Custom Fast Mask Options to Keep the Team Spirit Alive

Express yourself with Fast Mask face mask. We have a collection of styles and designs that fit your unique spirit. Are you having trouble finding the team you cheer for in our collection? Don’t worry, we offer custom orders and would love to help you create that perfect face mask showcasing your teams’ logo. Although supporting your favourite team looks much different this year there is no reason we can’t show off our love for baseball, hockey, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball and more. If your son or daughter is part of a community sports team why not put their logo on a face mask and share with the team. It’s a great way to keep the team spirit alive even if with all the restrictions. 

You can wear your face mask as a bandana, a headband or neck gaiter. It’s made of stretchy, breathable fabric that is moisture-wicking, sun-protecting and stain-resisting. Contact us today with any questions or get started and order a face mask for your next event to protect yourself and show off your style.