Top Tips For Spring Motorcycle Riding

Top Tips For Spring Motorcycle Riding

April showers bring May flowers for most people, but spring is the perfect time to get back out on the road for motorcyclists. Whether you’re a new rider or have a few years of experience, you don’t want to get back on your bike without preparing for the season. Dust off your safety gear, such as your favourite motorcycle face mask and the high-quality gloves to protect your hands. Here are our tips for getting your bike and your skills up to speed. 

Check Out Your Gear 

Give your helmet a once-over and check the date. You should replace your helmet once it’s five years old or after an impact. Check the lining and seals to make sure it’s in good condition for the upcoming year. Make sure you have gloves, a good motorcycle jacket with armour to protect you in case of a fall and reflective gear to keep you visible. Look over all your equipment to make sure you are visible and safe on the road. 

Inspect Your Bike 

Do a spring checkup on your bike, even if you’ve had the opportunity to ride over the winter. You probably didn’t ride as much as you usually do. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the bike and cause mechanical issues. Wash and wax your bike to make it look its best. While you’re cleaning your bike, watch for changes to the bike and loose components. Check the tire tread and pressure. Top off the fluids. It might even be a good idea to have your mechanic give your bike a onceover before you take it out for a long ride. 

Top Tips For Spring Motorcycle Riding

Refresh Your Safety Skills 

Even experienced riders can forget the basics of riding over the winter when you’re not using those memories. Your muscles forget how to ride. A distraction may not be too bad in a car, but on a bike, the consequences can be deadly in just a second or two. Give yourself a chance to ride in a safe location before hitting the road, full speed.

Go over the rules of the road. If you’re a new rider, take a course that teaches you the basics about safety. Don’t forget to check your insurance and license. Make sure you have enough insurance to cover yourself in case of an accident. Double-check the license date to make sure it hasn’t expired. 

Stay Aware of Road Conditions 

Spring weather may call you back to the road, but the winter months’ damage may be problematic. Potholes, crumbling pavement and debris on the road can take you down quickly on your bike.

It can be challenging to know the extent of road damage early in the spring months. With construction starting back up, you may need to take a different route. Pay attention to the road conditions and don’t get complacent. 

Pay Attention to the Weather 

Spring rains can start up quickly. They may not even last very long. You may even get some frost in some places in the spring. The morning temperatures may be cooler than expected. Dress in layers so you can adjust as you ride. Spring storms and tornadoes can appear in just a few minutes in some places in the country. Be aware of weather conditions where you’re riding to avoid problems. 

Break Yourself in Easy 

Pace yourself when you get back on your bike in the spring. Take some time to get reacquainted with the road, other cars, pedestrians and your bike. Inspect your safety gear and make sure they don’t need replacing for the new season. If you find yourself in need of new equipment, check out our selection of gloves and motorcycle face masks. Most importantly, be safe and enjoy the ride.