What Is So Special About Fleece?

What Is So Special About Fleece?

Winter adventures are extreme, and they aren’t for everyone, but you aren’t about to let something like freezing temperatures stop you. You thrive on the thrill and the chill of a blustery, snowy day. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Matching your gear with the weather and your favourite winter activity is key.

Even when grabbing your fleece face mask has become a habit as you head out the door, you might not know why fleece has become an indispensable fabric for cold weather escapades. We’re here to enlighten you on what is so special about fleece.

Fleece Is Not Just for Sheep

Yes, the material is named after what we call a sheep’s coat, but it typically is not derived from it. Fleece does have some of the same characteristics that have historically made wool a go-to fabric for all kinds of weather, but it is even better for outdoor adventurers because it is lighter and easier to care for. Plus, it’s soft, leaving you to focus on your fun rather than the incessant itching you get from wool clothing.

Comfort Paired With Functionality

When you head outside into freezing-cold temperatures, you’ll want to make sure you have the right gear to keep you warm. Fleece is a perfect insulator. It usually has pile on both sides, which provides you with the super-soft touch inside and out. When you wear a fleece face mask, you get both comfort and functionality. The fibres of the pile also have air pockets between them. These capture your body heat and increase the material’s warming abilities.

Warmth Matched With Wicking

Whether you’re out on a hike, ice climbing, snowboarding or skiing, you know you’re going to break out a sweat, despite the frigid temps. This can reduce your ability to stay warm, especially after you stop moving. That’s why you need a material that can wick away that moisture. Fast Mask has you covered. Our fleece face masks are made to move that wetness away from your skin, keeping you warm while you’re on the move or waiting for the chair lift.

Breathability Partnered With Repellency

The ideal inclement weather activewear allows air to move through while also keeping the wet stuff out. Fleece can be designed to do just that, and we make sure ours provides top-notch protection from rain or snow without creating a sauna beneath the mask. Our fleece is created with an inner layer of warm and breathable pile coupled with an outer layer of water-repellant microfibers. With a Fast Mask fleece face mask, you can scoff at the falling snow as you carve out some beautiful turns.

Fleece Is for Your Style

So, what’s this cool stuff made from? Well, these days, you can find fleece made from a combination of different materials. It was originally created out of polyester, which translates to plastic. The plastic we are all familiar with is a far cry from the plush material we wear, but the structure of the polymers is what makes fleece waterproof!

The polymer fibres are transformed into threads, which are then woven together and brushed. This last step is what gives the material its mega-comfortable feel. Fast Mask’s fleece face masks are designed with extreme adventurers in mind. They combine performance with style. Go ahead, be as bold as you like in both taste and adventure. Choose a style that expresses you best, knowing it’ll perform as well as you do.

Check Out Our Selection

Fast Mask knows that you require the best of the best to keep you outdoors in the coldest of weather. That’s why we’ve made sure our fleece face masks deliver. They provide warmth and comfort while giving you protection from wind, sun and moisture from the inside out. View our 95+ designs, and if you don’t find quite what you are looking for, we can customize!