Why Gloves are NEVER Optional

Why Gloves are NEVER Optional

Motorcycle gloves aren’t just a fashion statement. Your motorcycle gloves have multiple benefits when you’re on your bike. Well-fitting gloves need to be part of your gear. Custom motorcycle gloves can be more comfortable for riding because they are designed to fit your hand instead of mass-produced. Here are four reasons you should always wear your motorcycle gloves, whether you’re going across town or country.

Why Motorcyclists Should Glove Up

Motorcycle gloves are as essential to your hands as helmets are to your head. Whether you’re on a motorcycle or not, it’s human nature to put out your hands when you fall. Hitting the pavement at even 10 mph could do a lot of damage to your unprotected palms and fingers. Motorcycle gloves add a layer of protection to prevent damage. In a high-speed accident, good motorcycle gloves will at least lessen the damage. You can hope that you won’t fall, but the reality is that you’re at a higher risk of an accident when you’re on your motorcycle. Chances are that your body will make contact with the ground. Your fingers need all the protection they can get.

Motorcycle gloves are designed to help you keep your grip on your motorcycle. Your hands can get sweaty, even in milder weather. Your gloves prevent sweaty hands from sliding off the handlebars. In addition, gloves help absorb some of the vibrations of the motorcycle, alleviating the numbness you can get when you’re on a longer ride. Gloves protect your fingers from the elements, the hot sun, rain and wind. If your hands get too cold or sunburned, you might be done riding for the day. Don’t forget that gloves can protect your hands from bugs. You don’t want to get hit by a bee when you’re cruising down the road. Insects can be small, but they can pack a punch at 50 or 60 mph.

Why Gloves are NEVER Optional

Wear Gloves on Every Ride

It might seem counterintuitive to wear gloves every time you ride. When you’re learning, you may think you want less restriction to feel the bike. Gloves need to part of your safety gear, no matter how inexperienced or experienced you are as a rider. Find gloves for the way you ride. Leather can be more comfortable than textile gloves, but textile may be your best bet if you want waterproof gloves. Racing gloves have a gauntlet for added protection. Touring gloves are usually made to protect you from the elements. American gloves have more room in the palm and fingers, while European gloves are longer and narrower. It’s all about fit rather than functionality.

How Should Motorcycle Gloves Fit?

Motorcycle gloves shouldn’t be too tight, but they also shouldn’t be too loose. It might take time to find the right fit for your hand unless you go with custom-fit gloves. You want gloves that don’t have extra material in the palms. Your fingers should reach the tip of the glove with a bit of room to prevent blisters or calluses. Leather gloves may stretch in the width and palm but not in the finger length. Textile gloves don’t stretch, but they won’t shrink either. 

Motorcycle gloves need to fit like your jacket, snug without limiting motion. If you can’t stretch out your knuckles, the gloves are too tight. Women tend to have smaller palms and more slender fingers than men. You may need to look for gloves specific to the build of your hand. 

Custom motorcycle gloves are the best investment as they are designed for your hand. New technology such as 3D printing and advanced machine systems have expanded the possibilities of customization to a whole new level. Contact Fast Mask today for more information on our custom motorcycle gloves.