Why Kids Love Our Face Masks

Why Kids Love Our Face Masks

Face protection is important for all ages, but you will find the perfect creative yet functional junior face mask at Fast Mask. When kids are outside playing, this time of year it can still be cold, and they will need to protect their face. While they don’t necessarily need a fleece mask, our junior masks will keep them warm and keep moisture out. Kids love our selection of junior face masks and love showing them off to their friends. Let your child pick their favourite one and show their personality through their mask.

Though your child may not be enthusiastic about having to wear a heavy coat or some fur-lined gloves, you won’t hear any groans or mumbling when you hand over their brightly coloured Bat Signal or Spongeboy Fast Mask. Gone are the days of reminding them to “grab your mask!” when they are headed out the door since your children will love the themes and characters they can wear. Here are a few of the reasons why kids (and their parents) love our Fast Masks.

Tons of Color and Character

Kids have big, energetic personalities, and it is easy to think that wearing a mask makes them more invisible and hides their character. Rather than keeping their energy bottled up behind a dull disposable mask, a customized cloth mask to match their interests or their animated hero lets your children shine. Colourful masks, like the Jr. Sky Fast Mask or the Jr. Cosmic Fast Mask, are perfect for those who want to be a little sassy, while the Jr. Hoopstar or Jr. Football Touchdown are for those who are ready to leave it all in the game.

Why Kids Love Our Face Masks

Fast Masks aren’t just for protecting your kids from the cold, the sun’s rays, germs, or the wind. The vibrant nature of the junior line designs makes them the perfect outfit accessory. Your child can use their mask as a neck gaiter, a headband, a hair tie, or a bandana. Who said they can’t let their personality speak out even when in class or going with you to the grocery store?

Tons of Comfort

Kids are notorious for disliking scratch, stuffy materials, and in spite of the health and safety a mask can bring, kids are going to yank it off if they find it uncomfortable. The junior face masks at Fast Mask check all the boxes for comfort. Our masks are made from 100% polyester microfibre and are thin enough to be breathable. They don’t have nose wires or ear loops, and kids can wear them without constantly scratching at their ears or stopping to pick them up when they have fallen off. There is just enough stretch in the material to fit snuggly without being hot and suffocating.

Tons of Convenience

Kids on the go don’t have time to be bothered with properly storing their mask or worrying about having to keep it clean. Taking care of a delicate mask can take all the fun out of life. Your child can still head out to fight crime in our Fast Mask Web Slinger or Jr. Superboy Fast Mask without wondering if the material will tear or how to keep it out of the dirt. Not only can our masks be crumpled and stuffed into a pocket when they aren’t needed, but they can also be cleaned and dried in no time to get your kids back to the action-packed day that awaits.

Tons of Junior Face Mask Options

Looking for a mask that captures your child’s adventurous and animated spirit? Shop the collection at Fast Mask. Whether they want to don the powers of a superhero, showcase their athletic talent, or let everyone know how much they love donuts, you will find comfortable, convenient face protection with our Fast Mask junior line.