Fast Mask Designs: Why Do People Crave Customization?

Custom Fast Mask

Many teenagers just want to blend in with their crowd, but as people age, they often start wanting to be more unique. Practically every website tries to make shopping appeal to you through customization. Amazon shows you purchases based on your previous purchases. Spotify offers personalized playlists based on the music you listen to. During the coronavirus pandemic, you may have shopped for a custom face mask. Obviously, it makes sense for stores to appeal to your preferences. However, what’s behind the feeling of wanting personalized clothing and customized experiences?

We Want To Avoid Information Overload

Customization allows us to reduce the amount of information we’re shown. Most people are already bombarded with thousands of ads every day through radio, social media, television and outdoor advertising. Imagine if Facebook didn’t customize the ads you saw on the platform. You would see dozens of ads that didn’t relate to your needs. Even outdoor billboards are customized to local businesses or tourist sites that might appeal to travellers. Tailoring information to your needs lets you avoid being bombarded with stuff that isn’t relevant.

We Like To Feel in Control

Personalization and customized experiences make you feel more in control. Although it may be in part an illusion, it still gives you the positive feeling that you can make the choices that are right for you. When you’re shopping for custom made gloves, it could be that dozens of people are making the same choices. Your experience is that you are in the driver’s seat, though, which can make you feel more successful.

We Crave Relevancy

If you’ve ever forgotten a conversation and chalked it up to selective memory, you already understand our need for relevancy. We tend to remember things that are of interest to us and discard the rest. You invest in information that matters. Our brains are hardwired to focus on what we deem important, rather than try to sort through every interaction, no matter how immaterial it is. Wearing a unique face mask can help you stand out in a sea of people.

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We Want To Be Connected

Uniqueness and connectivity may seemingly be unrelated, but when someone personalizes a gift or experience to you, it brings you closer. You feel cared about when you get something that is unique to your personality or style. One simple item can give you years of memories, from the receipt of the item to using it on a daily basis.

We Hope To Be Noticed

When you celebrate your uniqueness, your mind opens to new possibilities and ideas. You dare to think outside the box. We don’t remember the things that appear similar. One sunset can look like another when you always look out the same window. Take a trip to the mountains and you see that sunset from a different vantage point, which makes it memorable. The individuals who celebrate being different, standout.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Be bold. Embrace your differences. With a custom face mask, you can show off your own original personality. We each have our own experiences that made us who we are today. You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone. Carve out a path that works for you. Invest in customization to be memorable, even if you’re only spending time with your pets, family and a small circle of friends.

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