Why Every Serious Rider Needs a Pair of Motorcycle Gloves

Why Every Serious Rider Needs a Pair of Motorcycle Gloves

Whether you're into motorcycle riding, BMX, or Motocross, one piece of equipment you don't want to leave behind is your gloves. And this doesn't mean just any old pair of gloves. When you're travelling at high speeds for a significant length of time, you need superior protection for your hands. Consider just a few reasons you may want to invest in a high-quality pair of regular or custom motorcycle gloves from Fast Mask before your next big ride. 


While a lot of high-speed sports suggest or require you to wear a helmet and goggles to protect your head and eyes, people often forget about their hands. Because your hands are often the first part of your body to hit the ground when you fall, they need their own line of defence. 

Fast Mask motorcycle gloves are made of thick, padded material that provides you with a reliable layer of protection between your skin and the ground. This prevents you from scraping your skin or bruising your hands as badly. 

In addition to decreasing damage from an impact, these gloves also help keep you safe by providing you with extra grip on your handlebars. Many gloves are lined with silicone on the palm and fingers so that you can maintain a tight hold even when you're travelling miles and miles over the road. 


Why Every Serious Rider Needs a Pair of Motorcycle Gloves

While safety is a high priority when it comes to riding motorcycles or other types of equipment, comfort is important, too. Being comfortable allows you to enjoy your ride for as long as possible while also preventing accidents that are caused by fatigue. 

One of the major ways Fast Mask motorcycle gloves can keep you comfortable is by providing a thick barrier between your hand and the vibrations of your handlebars. This vibration can eventually make your hands tingle, which may become distracting as you drive. On top of that, the padding and grip that gloves offer may help you avoid muscle fatigue in your hands that could compromise your hold on the handlebars. 

Another way that motorcycle gloves add to the enjoyment of your sport is by protecting you from the weather. This includes cold air, intense sunlight and high winds. You can count on your gloves to keep your fingers warm even on the chilliest days, preventing any numbing which may have dangerous consequences. You may even be able to find gloves with ventilation that don't make your hands too hot on warm days. Also, an added layer of protection on your hands keeps them from becoming sunburnt or dried out due to the wind. All of these things make your sport both safer and more enjoyable.


If you're not convinced you need a pair of motorcycle gloves for safety or comfort reasons, what about for style? These gloves are available in a wide variety of materials, colours, patterns and styles. You can even look for custom motorcycle gloves that fit your hands just right. Every sport or activity has its own culture. With a new pair of gloves, you can join in that culture while also standing out. Find a design that suits your personality and preferences. 

Whether you're an occasional motorcycle rider or a Motocross enthusiast, having the right gear makes all the difference. A quality pair of motorcycle gloves may help make your sport safer, more comfortable and more fun. Consider checking out Fast Mask's collection of motorcycle gloves. If you don't find a pair you love, try creating a custom pair that will be unique to you. We will be happy to match you with the gear you need to master your sport.