Why Your Kids Need Fast Masks

Why Your Kids Need Fast Masks

Adults already rave about how much our Fast Masks have helped keep them safe, highlighted their already bold sense of style, and remained their go-to accessory for all things outdoors. So, it made sense for us to provide the same high-quality gear to kids, juniors, and the youngest family members. 

That’s right. Our Fast Masks for kids are made with the same durable construction process, the same high-quality materials, and the same aggressive designs. The only difference is these tubular bandanas are now available in children’s sizes. So, if your young one is looking to gear up with the same cool Fast Mask as you, you’re now in luck! 

High-Quality, Durable Construction for Your Kids’ Needs 

To make our Fast Masks, we use premium materials and a construction process that adds durability and reliability. Our masks are made from 100% polyester microfibre. While this may not mean much to most people, polyester is one of the most robust fabrics in the world. It’s highly resistant to shrinking and stretching, which helps make our masks last longer than those made from lesser materials. 

Polyester microfibre holds up well through multiple washes without losing softness. When worn, the fabric will help wick away moisture. This makes it easier for evaporation to occur and for you to feel cooler even when you’re busting an intense sweat. 

The material is also resistant to stains and capable of holding its own in even the most extreme environments. It offers UPF 40 protection from the sun, as well as a shield from the brisk cold, blustery wind, and buzzing insects.

Your kids will enjoy the softness of our Fast Masks, and you’ll enjoy a high-quality product that won’t break down when the going gets tough. With several ways to wear it, your kids will soon bring their Fast Mask with them for every outdoor activity. 

Bold Styles and Designs That Turn Heads 

Why Your Kids Need Fast Masks

Of course, we don’t just pride ourselves on building a high-quality, long-lasting product and then calling it a day. No, we want our products to include styles designed to turn heads. Our products are made for people with bold lifestyles and styles that match.  

That's why we don’t shy away from in-your-face styles. No matter what your child enjoys, you’ll find a Fast Mask design that highlights their favourite things: 

We also make it easy to customize your own design for a family function, team sport, or charity event. With a quick turnaround and the ability to handle between one and 10,000 masks, you’ll never be without a Fast Mask that perfectly fits your child’s bold and unique fashion sense. 

There Are Plenty of Reasons to Wear a Kids Face Mask 

Our Fast Masks are versatile with the ability to be worn in many different ways: 

  • Bandanas 
  • Beanies 
  • Face masks 
  • Hair ties 
  • Headbands 
  • Neck gaiters 
  • Wristbands 

This means your kiddo will always find a reason to wear it. Their layers of protection and well-built construction make them ideal for outdoor events of any type, like festivals, bike races, and other outdoor sports. Our Fast Masks for kids are appropriate anywhere facial coverings are needed or when sun, dirt, and weather may otherwise make being outside difficult. 

Fast Mask Kids Sizes Are Available Now 

Your children will enjoy the comfort and style of our Fast Masks. You’ll appreciate their durability, quality craftsmanship, and stain-resistant materials. Together, you’ll both agree that our Fast Masks for kids will be the go-to accessory for protection and fashion whenever you go outside.