Fast Mask is clothing with energy. You can see it in our style and feel it in the quality of our designs. It is more than delivering cool products. It’s about knowing what a fast-paced lifestyle requires and understanding what our customers seek. Our brand is Live Fast clothing for the person who is called to outdoor adventure. You need clothing that holds up under extreme conditions and speaks your language. We’ve got you covered.

New Items

We are all about keeping it fresh. This is why Fast Mask always turns out the best products to keep your look at the top of the game. Our new Live Fast Die Last skull line is a real crowd-pleaser. We are hyped about this new merch that we know will hit the mark on your gear list. Check these out:

  • Bandana Sweaters: Stay warm and look great in our bandana sweater that features our new Live Fast Die Last skull in sizes XS to 4XL. Built to withstand the toughest challenges, our premium-quality sweaters come in blue, red and green all backed in sharp black for supreme contrast.
  • T-Shirts: Get the Live Fast Die Last T-shirt in either white or black. The quality cotton blend keeps you cool and comfortable anytime, whether you’re riding or taking some downtime.
  • Bomber Jackets: Bring your best to the test with our new take on the bomber jacket. In classic black, of course, we add the Live Fast Die Last skull in your choice of red or gold and add a stylish diamond-stitch pattern to set it apart from all the rest. This one performs as you'd expect, with plenty of pocket space to keep everything right at hand.
  • Keychains: Select a keychain or several that show where your passion lies, and how you live your best life. We have three types to choose from, and each of our 2" keychains are made of PVC rubber that will never scratch your tank. They come in red or blue and the black or white classic skull design.

What a wicked cool ensemble, right? We get it. Gear calls to you like the open road. You want to put it all together in a way that tells your story. These products make a collective statement, yet each has the individual kick to make it a sharp stand-alone item.

Other Items

We recently dropped some new Stealth gloves that give comfort a whole new meaning. These gloves feel like a second layer of skin and have durable knuckle protection, carbon fibre palm protection, reinforced leather impact areas and touch-screen fingertips.

That’s not all, though. Fast Mask has an assortment of other T-shirts, bandana sweaters, snapback hats, and tubular bandanas all made to express your spirit in your own personal way.

Fast Mask products are the ultimate gifts, too. We have designs for men, women and children, so the entire family can rock our live-fast clothing options. And the best part is our gear is timeless, so you can gift them for any occasion.

Quality and Design

Here’s where our design team gets really excited. The nuts and bolts of our machine are high-quality, lasting performance and superior designs. We bring you the best in development, materials, technologies and art.

We are all about unique and vibrant designs, but if you want a one-of-a-kind look, we can customize your Fast Mask to your specifications. And you can expect the same great features you find in all of our amazing products.

Why Choose Fast Mask?

Here’s one other thing we want you to know about us: Fast Mask believes in community support. We understand the importance of riding together, and we love the opportunity to give back.

So, why buy Fast Mask clothing and apparel? It’s simple. We lay it all down for our customers because we want to bring you the best thrill-seeker gear available on the market. You can trust Fast Mask to always keep on keeping on.