Armoured Collection

Fast Mask created a plaid shirt that matches your fast-paced lifestyle. The classic pattern speaks to your hardy nature and your love of the great outdoors. This shirt is for anyone who enjoys the adrenaline rush of a motorcycle ride in the mountains, slicing through fresh powder or landing a new trick. The bold block-style or standard plaid patterns meet with your bold personality, but we’ve also made sure that these shirts give you the protection you need when you’re living life to its fullest.

Add a Layer of Protection

When you live life in the fast lane, you need protective gear that can live up to your adventures. Fast Mask works hard to make sure you get exactly what you need, whether you’re out on the motocross trails or hitting some gnarly jumps. Our armoured collection is designed to give you another layer of protection between you and the elements. If you happen to take a spill, this plaid flannel shirt provides some extra-strength padding as well.

Our plaids have an anti-abrasion Aramid mesh lining. DuPont’s Kevlar® heat-resistant material can withstand the high friction you encounter when you find yourself gliding across rough terrain on your body rather than your bike. We’ve taken protection in this shirt one step further, giving you the option to add extra padding to the shoulders, elbows and back. Each shirt comes with these additional removable layers.

The European Union sets high standards for motorcycle safety. They put all motorcycle armour through rigorous tests to ensure they provide an adequate level of protection and rate them using a CE mark. In North America, the CE system is only required for riding on tracks, but Fast Mask went the extra mile with our shirts, using materials that are CE-rated.

Get Comfort and Quality

You’ve come to expect comfort and quality from Fast Mask products, and our plaid flannel shirts will live up to your expectations. These shirts are comfortable enough to wear for long rides on the trails and hanging out when your day of play is done. Not all snap-up shirts are made for an active lifestyle. Sometimes, they’re just too confining. Our armoured collection shirts aren’t among them.

These plaids are made to fit, but they also give you enough room to move. We used snaps instead of buttons because they are more durable. Besides, who wants to mess with so many tedious buttons when you’re ready to peel off your outer layers after a ride? These shirts are also made from 100% cotton, so they’ll only get more comfortable each time you wear them! We’ve also included an inner pocket, giving you a safe place to keep your phone and keeping it within easy reach.

Pair It up for Extra Protection

The shirts in our armoured collection are a great addition to your Fast Mask gear. Choose from our wide selection of regular and fleece face masks to add protection from the sun and wind for your face and neck. If motocross or motorcycle rides are your thing, pair your new shirt with a pair of our gloves.

Pick up a Plaid for Your Fast Life

If you’re ready to step up your protective gear a notch, pick up a Fast Mask plaid flannel shirt! These shirts provide the best in quality and protection with CE-rated DuPont Kevlar® lining and removable protectors for shoulders, elbows and back. Check out our selection of plaid flannel shirts today!