Ear Loop Masks

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Fast Mask is all about customer choice. A few months ago, we received a lot of requests for ear loop face masks. Our designers love a good challenge. It’s all part of the live fast clothing experience, right? The thing is, we didn’t want to just meet a need; we wanted to create the passion that people feel when they buy our products. Our new Fast Mask Ear Loop Mask is constructed with the comfort, quality and style you expect. The best part is we brought the goods with cool designs to fit your adrenaline-rush lifestyle. We are proud to introduce this mask and glad you asked for it.

We Bring the Wow Factor

So, let’s talk about our print and pattern explosion. At Fast Mask, we love to bring the styles that get you hyped. Check out these choices:

  • Grey Hexagons
  • Woodland Camo
  • Sky
  • Cosmic
  • Emoji
  • Jaguar
  • Tree Camo
  • Tutti Fruiti

We also have colours that represent all tastes when you want a go-to classic: blue, black, grey, pink and green. We went all out to give our customers a wide range of mask options, so they get what they need and what they want.

We Rock Comfort

It wouldn’t be a Fast Mask if we didn’t deliver on comfort and protection. We built in the same quality as we do with all of our products. Since masks have become an important part of our daily lives, we also constructed this mask for safety and comfort. Here are three features of our design:

  1. Ear loop styling so the mask fits well and stays in place.
  2. Three layers of polyester and cotton fabric blends.
  3. Internal pocket that fits a PM2.5 filter (one is included with the mask).

The functionality of our ear loop mask allows you to wear it comfortably all day long. It gives layers of protection along with the filter to provide an additional barrier when you’re out living your best life.

We Deliver the Goods

Fast Mask is committed to custom face mask designs, so individuals get the products they need to keep living their dreams. In fact, Fast Mask can bring the goods on custom designs that are not part of our extensive product line. We do small to large batch customizations for clubs, rides and charity events. Here’s what our custom package includes:

  • High-quality custom designs
  • Free basic custom face mask designs
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Custom Fast Masks packaged and ready for sale

You can get a quote and tell us what you want, so we can begin work on your custom design today.

We Hear Ya

Fast Mask listens to our customers. When we heard the chorus of voices building, we got right on it and produced this ear loop mask that goes above and beyond. Fast Mask is always adding new products to our line because it’s exciting to hear what our customers appreciate and be able to make it happen.

We recently added these new selections: Live Fast Die Last Skull T-shirt, Fast Mask Kevlar Lined Armoured Flannel Shirt, Live Fast Snapback Hat and Fast Mask Arm Sleeves. We also offer cool accessories, such as keychains, decals and shoe shields, so you can bring it all together.

Let’s Do This

Fast Mask is more than a name. It’s a lifestyle; it’s a feel. We approach our craftsmanship and design like you approach this life, with a hunger to do more and reach higher. We are fast-growing, but we don’t cut corners on quality. Our customers tell us they approve by their satisfaction with our brand.

We appreciate your trust. We hope you enjoy the ear loop mask. Let’s keep doing this together.