Jr Sizes

Fast Mask tubular bandanas were already designed with you, the thrill-seeking adventurer, in mind. Now we’re taking it to the next level and offering new kid-friendly sizing options so your children can show off their daring sense of style. Made the same way, from sturdy materials that hold up in the sun, rain, and wind, your kids can now carry on your family’s legacy of fearless fashion and outdoor adventure.

Find the Same Awesome Construction in New Child-Friendly Sizes

Our junior-sized Fast Mask is the ideal face mask for kids of all ages. Crafted from 100% polyester microfiber, these face masks protect your little ones from sun, cold, wind, and insects, while staying breathable and fade-free. In fact, we guarantee our Fast Mask will never lose its colour. If it does, we replace it for free!

Your kids will find their Fast Mask durable and versatile. Not only can they wear them as a face mask, but they can also use them as a bandana, beanie, hair tie, headband, neck gaiter, and wristband. This makes the Fast Mask the perfect accessory for any situation that demands protection from the elements.

That means that almost any outdoor sport can be made better for your child with a Fast Mask. Whether you take them out on the ATV, motorcycle, or horse, their Fast Mask will protect them from UV rays, windburns, and pesky bugs.

A Fast Mask also fits comfortably under a helmet, where it can wick away sweat and keep your child's head and face dry. If the outdoor sport gets the blood pumping, your kid will find a use for their Fast Mask.

Let Your Child Show Off Their Bold Sense of Style

Fast Masks aren’t for everyone. If your youngster is looking for some safe design that doesn’t offend anyone’s sensibilities, then a Fast Mask may not be for them. Fast Masks are for bold, fast adrenaline-junkies who aren’t afraid to show off their sense of style.

Your kiddo will find a design that truly speaks to them at Fast Mask. Whether they like DCMarvelSpongebob, or Fortnite, there’s a fashion-forward design for them. Do they prefer something a little more cosmicsilly, or edgy? Again, we’ve got them covered, literally. Even if they want to stick to the classics, we have camo designs and other in-your-face essentials.

But we don’t stop there with our designs. We offer custom-designed Fast Masks so your youngster can have a design that’s truly unique to him or her. Going for a family ride? What’s bolder and more daring than a custom Fast Mask with your family crest, creed, or custom logo?

Take Comfort to a New Level

We live in an age where face masks have become an everyday item. To encourage your kid to wear a mask every day, they need one that’s comfortable, durable, and reliable.

A Fast Mask is easy to wear all day long. When it isn't needed, a Fast Mask can hang loosely around the neck like a bandana or rest around the wrist. When needed, just pull it up to cover the mouth and nose, where it forms a breathable barrier.

Many children complain about other popular masks because of the pressure the ties apply to their ears. This can irritate, making it less likely your little one will wear it when they should. Fast Masks, though, don’t rest around the ears. They’re designed to be comfortable in even the toughest of environments, so they will hold up at school and other indoor settings where a mask is required.

Fast Masks for Kids

At Fast Masks, our junior sizes are perfect for kids of all ages. Their bold, adventurous design will match your child’s sense of style, and their comfortable, durable construction makes them ideal wherever face masks are required. Check out our collection here.