Motocross Gloves

As a motocross rider, you thrive on adrenaline. You live for the challenge. You like to go fast, and you want to push yourself to the limits of your ability. A thrill in nailing a double or triple jump and riding through the mud makes you feel like a kid again. Motocross isn’t for those who like to play it safe, but safety is an essential consideration for serious riders and racers.

Get a Grip

Motocross is no gentle ride on smooth asphalt. It’s rough; it’s rugged; it’s intense. Every course has its share of tight turns, mud, hills and jumps. If you don’t have control over your bike, you’re toast. You need to get a grip. Motocross gloves are about more than keeping your hands clean. They’re about keeping you safe. A good pair of gloves can help you hold tight, no matter how wet, dirty or bumpy the ride is.

Fast Mask wants you to focus on your fun. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your gloves will give out before you do. We design our products to last. They’re as tough as our customers, and they perform just as well under pressure, too. When we set out to create the perfect hand protection for your sport, we paid attention to all of the details that make riding on a dirt track unique. Our motocross gloves are constructed to endure and include features such as:

  • Reinforced stitching: These gloves won’t rip at the seams the first time you put them to the test, nor the second or third. They can handle the pressure, so go on and try them.
  • Flat Velcro: We make sure you get the perfect fit. Flat Velcro provides a seamless surface that won’t catch on your riding jacket. It also lets you adjust it to fit your wrist, keeping your glove on and the rocks and dirt out.
  • Silicone palms: Fast Mask designers used synthetic material with silicone prints on the palms. This material is grippy and durable, exactly what you need in a motocross glove.
  • Touchscreen capable: Who wants to take off their gloves every time they need to use their phone? Now, you don’t have to. We’ve incorporated touchscreen capabilities on many of our styles.

Express Your Style

Hey, you’re a motocross racer. You don’t know how to live small. You’ve got a bold personality, or you wouldn’t be out on the track. You should be free to express yourself in every aspect of your life, right down to the motocross gloves you wear. Fast Mask celebrates your sense of style by giving you choices that suit you. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, no worries! We can always customize so that you get exactly what you want.

Our motocross gloves pop with bold colours and sharp prints. You won’t ever have to worry about fading, though. We use the sublimation process for printing, so the colours hold fast. Wear them and wash them as often as you want; they’ll stay looking as bright as the day you got them! These gloves look good, but we don’t compromise on comfort. You won’t mind wearing them all day. They’re super breathable, too!

Pick up a Pair (or Two)!

Head on over and check out our selection of motocross gloves. Pick up a pair or two before your next trip to the track.