Motorcycle Gloves

It’s hard to express yourself on your bike when you're stuffed into the same bland, uninspiring gear that everyone else wears. With Fast Masks, we want you to be boldly you, with exciting designs that highlight your need to seek thrills while staying protected. We’re a different kind of motorcycle gear company for a different kind of motorcyclist. 

Our custom motorcycle gloves must be seen and felt to be believed. They're crafted with quality materials that don’t mask your style but emphasize it. To see how our motorcycle gloves can make your riding experience personalized for you, make sure to read on.

How Are Our Motorcycle Gloves Different?

Our Fast Mask motorcycle gloves are designed with you in mind, and we don’t mean the general “you” here, we mean specifically you, the person reading this. We don’t just offer an extensive line of adventurous designs; we also offer custom-made gloves that ensure your design is one of a kind, just like you. 

But we’re not just some design company, happy to slap slightly tweaked designs on low-quality gloves to make a quick buck. Despite our low prices, our gloves are expertly crafted with high-quality materials. This means our gloves offer an impeccable fit for both your hands and your budget.

How Are They Made?

Our gloves protect your hands when things get out of hand on the road. We protect your palms with double-stitched leather reinforced by a Kevlar layer and polyurethane sliders. This means that should you-know-what hit the fan, your palms won’t end up like grated cheese.

We also protect your knuckles and maintain comfort with compound rubber guards that conform to your finger’s joints. When you’re wearing these gloves, you’ll be spared bloody knuckles without losing dexterity, range of motion, or comfort. In fact, they’ll be times when you won’t even realize you're wearing gloves at all.

These gloves come with added functionality like touchscreen enabled index fingers. This lets you access your touchscreen devices without having to obnoxiously remove gloves every time you get a notification.

What Designs Are Available?

Currently, we offer around a dozen unique designs of our motorcycle gloves. Our best-selling paisley designs come in multiple color options:

  • Blue 
  • Black 
  • Black and gold 
  • Black and pink 
  • Black and red 
  • Green 
  • Red 

We don’t stop there, though. Our lineup includes designs inspired by Guns & Roses, Beauty and the Beast, and Santa Muerte. As mentioned before, if you need a custom design just for your or your team or club, we do that, too.

Why Is It Important to Wear Motorcycle Gloves?

Even the most thrill-seeking of thrill-seekers needs protection. Our gloves provide that in spades with a design that keeps your hands from getting scratched up should the worst-case scenario occur. However, it’s not just slides and spills you need to shield against. These gloves help fight hand fatigue, allowing you to keep a secure grip on your bike without any tingling or loss of sensation, no matter how loud your engine revs.

Gloves can also help keep your hands warm or cool as needed and protect against harsh UV rays given off by the sun so that you’ll be able to ride longer today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

How Can I Find More Information on Fast Mask Gloves?

If you’re ready to feel the Fast Mask difference, you can contact us by phone at 888-852-2114. You can also contact us through our website or by shooting an email over to We’re the adventurous sort, too, so we’re more than happy to answer any of your questions. To get the quality, comfort, and low prices you deserve, make sure to reach out to us today!