At Fast Mask, we value those who live their lives to the extreme. Whether you're hopping on your motorcycle, hitting the slopes, or exploring the great outdoors, you're the type of customer we like to do business with.

Our products embody the adventurous spirit and protect the bodies of all our customers. Starting with our world-class fast masks, we’ve always focused on making sure you live fast, die last.

We now offer high-quality t-shirts that match our towering standards for apparel construction. We only use the best materials with the best designs.

Our Live Fast Die Last T-Shirt Designs 

Live fast, die last isn’t just a slogan to us. It’s a creed that defines our life. We’re proud to live big and chase the taste of adventure. We boldly go because we can, and we want to be protected when the inevitable spill occurs.

Our t-shirts carry a variety of designs that match this ethos. They’re emblazoned with the words we live by and matched with bold designs that turn heads. Available in black or white, our shirts are simple yet strong, like the cup of black coffee at your favourite diner. For us, it’s not about the frills. It’s about the thrills.

If for some reason our shirt designs don’t speak to you, that’s okay. We won’t judge, but we know that even if you want us to create a custom shirt for your club, team, or organization, you’ll be wowed by the materials and construction process we use. Our custom shirts receive just as much care during their creation as our available-to-all t-shirts. So, no matter your taste, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

We Focus on Quality

You probably have a trusted t-shirt that’s been by your side for years. Its presence in your closet demonstrates your loyalty to it despite the spills or stains. Those markings, in fact, aren’t something to hide away but, in fact, badges of honour. You love that t-shirt because of its fit and durability. You love that shirt because it’s uniquely you.

Our goal is to build a t-shirt that deserves the same place in your closet. We only use the best materials and crafting processes to ensure our t-shirts stand up to the same dirt, wind, and sun that you face daily. We focus on the tiny details so that the shirt stays bold and brassy for years on end.

We’ve all had that t-shirt that looked good but fit like a plastic bag. We avoid that by using a manufacturing process that avoids common t-shirt mistakes like puckering, skipped stitches, or wavy collars. If you’re not sure that those things are, all you need to know is how great our shirts feel when you wear them.

Our shirts are made from a pre-shrunk cotton blend that results in a shirt that’s breathable, soft, and durable enough to hold its form in the dryer. We want to keep your blood pumping when you’re out on the road, not when you notice your shirt has turned from an adult-large to a child’s small after its first spin cycle.

Bold Products for Bold People 

Our products can help cover your entire body, from our hats to our shoe shields and everything in between. While our fast masks are best sellers, we imbue all of our products with the same bold design and high quality. Check out what we have to offer and how we can help protect you without taking away your edge.