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About Us

Calling all adrenaline-filled adventure seekers.

We see you. And we know that ‘boring’ isn’t your thing. Otherwise, why would you live and breathe motorbiking, snowboarding, skidooing, and other heart-pumping activities?

Nope, you like to be bold.

And that’s why you’re here. Not just seeking protection from the elements – but protection that also expresses your unique style, personality, and fearless attitude.

Well friend, you’re in the right place.

Fast Masks help guard your face, head, and neck against bitter winds, extreme cold, harmful sunrays, and pesky insects. You know, the kind of things that can put a serious damper on your ride … or even cut it short. And since our microfibre fabric technology is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and fully breathable, you won’t have to worry about nasty sweat build-up. Because really, who wants that?

Now for the fun part – our designs.

Fast Masks come in over 90 creative designs to capture your unique personality. Got a thing for skulls? We’ve got a Fast Mask for that. Love superheroes? Yep, we offer those too. Love donuts? Hey, we don’t judge. Grab your donut-themed Fast Mask here. Whatever you’re lookin’ for, we’ve likely got it. If not, you can always contact us for a custom order. (How’s that for being unique?)