Fast Mask brings you so much more than high performance face masks. We also offer you high quality gear and accessories to keep you comfortable and let you make the most of your outdoor hobbies. Fast Mask makes the perfect face masks and neck gaiters for your motorcycling needs. Now, we also bring you the Fast Mask shoe shield. We bring you limitless performance options while never sacrificing style or comfort.

Shoe Shield Product Features

Take your love for Fast Mask to your feet. Our Fast Mask shoe shields are the perfect addition to any motorcycle enthusiasts gear collection. You already know that we provide you with a fantastic face mask and now your feet are covered to. Our shoe shields are designed to keep your shoes and boots looking like new. Here is what makes our shoe shields great:

  • Rubber top to keep your shoes covered and protected from excess wear
  • Cloth backing to ensure no mark transfer to your shoes from the rubber
  • Two adjustable Velcro straps give you the perfect fit and ensure your shoe shield stays in place
  • Under strap is adjustable to and foot size
  • Under strap has rubber to ensure it does not slip from your boot or shoe.

Quality and Performance

Pair any of our Fast Mask face masks with our shoe shields and you are sure to be well prepared for anything the elements send your way. We take pride in our products and know you will love the quality and performance of all our products. If you haven’t yet tried a Fast Mask, what are you waiting for? Get the best motorcycle gear by purchasing the most versatile face mask around.

Try our Fast Mask shoe shields today and get the coverage you need from the brand you trust.


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