Take your love for Fast Mask everywhere you go. With Fast Mask apparel you can now show off your live fast style even when you don’t need your face covered. Our new line of apparel makes let’s your rep Fast Mask and show others what you’re all about. Our apparel is sleek and simple and will look great on both men and women. Just like our high quality Fast Mask face masks our apparel is functional and trendy. With Fast Mask you never have to sacrifice quality or comfort for style. We bring you the best, most functional, and most unique face masks and now we’re bringing you the best apparel too.

T- Shirts

Our t-shirts are soft and comfortable and will quickly become the most loved graphic t-shirt in your closet. Like our high performance face masks, we are committed to your comfort and style. You’ll look and feel great while wearing our comfortable cotton t-shirts. Live fast and wear Fast Mask.


Add another layer of warmth to your Fast Mask routine. Add our comfortable and practical branded winter hat to your outdoor wardrobe. Fast Mask is here to keep you warm. Wear it with a Fast Mask face mask and stay cozy and warm all winter long. Our face masks will have your face and neck warm, leave your head to our branded hats.

Pair It

Take our apparel with you everywhere you go. Fast Mask face masks are perfect for any weather and any outdoor activity. Pair our outstanding product with our apparel and take your style to the next level. Wear a Fast Mask face mask with our hats on cold winter days or a t-shirt to cool down after summer motocross. Our apparel looks great on it’s own but is even better when paired with any of our stand out Fast Mask face masks.


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