-ATV Face Shields

Do you need a face shield that is functional and unique? Fast Mask ATV face shields are made for you. Light and breathable Fast Masks are the face shield you have been looking for. Fast Masks provide optimal coverage for your outdoor sports needs while keeping you dry and clean. Designed with you in mind Fast Mask offers a large variety of face shields in different designs. Not only do we offer camo and novelty patterned shields but also vivid images with skulls, villains, and superheroes. There is a fast mask for everyone.

Why Fast Mask

  • Wicks away moisture
  • Odor resistant
  • Easy to wash material
  • Vivid designs
  • Lightweight
  • Dries quickly
  • Functionality

Fast Mask ATV Face Shields are tubular bandanas and boast multi-function uses for all your needs. Wear it as a face mask, on your neck or under your helmet. Unlike a traditional bandana face mask your Fast Mask will take you anywhere you need to go.
Use Fast Mask ATV Face Shields any way and anywhere you choose. Pick a design that allows you to stand out, such as our superhero collection, or blend in with our camo face masks. Fast Masks are great for more than just ATV’s. Use your Fast Mask over and over by trying it while using a bike, paintballing, or fishing.


Fast Masks are ideal for keeping the outdoors away from your face. While using an ATV you can count on Fast Mask to keep bugs, dirt and debris out of your mouth without feeling restricted. Fast Masks filter out what you don’t want to make breathing easy no matter how messy you get.
Don’t sweat about it. Fast Mask will wick all moisture away from your face, neck, or head. Whether it is too hot or too cold Fast Mask will keep you dry. Rest assured that while staying lightweight and breathable Fast Mask ATV Face Shields provide you with superior sun protection. Our ATV Masks give you SPF 40 protection from the sun.


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