Skull Face Shield

Fast Mask offers motorcycle face shields that are stylish, colorful, and affordable, giving you lots of options. The company strives to keep all of its products interesting and diverse enough to offer something for every personality. One of Fast Mask’s most popular products is its collection of skull face shields. Other categories include camo, patterned, flag/country, fish, plain, funny face, clown, floral, animal, and feminine face shield designs. Customized cycling bandanas are also available.

Protective Capabilities

Whether you are riding across country or you are just out for the day, having the proper gear is important. Not only do you need to protect yourself against an accidental tumble, but you should also protect your skin against the sun, wind, and debris that flies into your face while cycling. Wearing a bike riding mask is a good way to keep your face, neck, and head protected.

Easy Wearability

One of the best motorcycle neck warmers is a tubular bandana. Not only can it protect your neck against cold air, but it covers your face as well, keeping you as warm as possible on cold, windy days or nights. Tubular bandanas weigh less than traditional balaclavas, another positive feature of bike riding masks.

Superior Fit

Depending on how you choose to wear your bike riding mask, the material stretches to fit your head, neck, and face. If you choose a skull face shield, you’ll be impressed with how easily the mask adjusts to the shape of your head and face. The skull design is styled to fit a human face, so it looks as natural as possible once you put it on and wear it.

Comfortable Styling

Each of the company’s motorcycle face shields delivers moisture-wicking capabilities and an SPF factor of 40, keeping your face dry and protected. Their 100% polyester microfiber composition creates a soft, comfortable fabric that feels as good as it looks. The material readily allows air to flow through, creating a breathable face shield that doesn’t let the heat build up the way it does in a full face helmet.

Excellent Versatility

The skull face shield can be worn for numerous outdoor adventures, including camping, motorcycling, hunting, fishing, hiking, cycling, and paintballing. Cycling bandanas can be worn in ten different ways, giving you the versatility you need. You can wear them as face shields, scarves, neck gaiters, mufflers, helmet liners, wristbands, beanies, bandanas, headbands, or hair ties.

Fast Mask Guarantee

Fast Mask stands behind each of its cycling bandanas and offers a free replacement if the design fades during regular use. It doesn’t get any better than that! If you are trying one for the first time, you may want to look at the patterned face shields as well as the skull designs.

No matter what outdoor activity you intend to enjoy, you can buy motorcycle face shields to keep you cool and protected. Not only will you feel cool, but you’ll look cool as well. Fast Mask’s motorcycling face shields are crafted according to the strictest standards and designed to last for years.


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